Martin Schulz

Brussels Today, Berlin Tomorrow?

Martin Schulz
European President Martin Schulz comes from a turbulent past and faces an uncertain political future.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Many in Germany would like to see Martin Schulz, the plain-talking, committed European, come home to shake up stagnant German politics when his term as president of the parliament of the European Union.

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    • A member of the European Parliament since 1994, Mr. Schulz, a Social Democrat from western Germany, was elected its president in 2012 and re-elected in 2014.
    • His current term ends in January 2017, ahead of German federal elections later that year.
    • Mr. Schulz has not confirmed whether he may seek to play a major role in Berlin.
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Martin Schulz took an unconventional path to power.

From humble beginnings, the one-time high school dropout rose to become one of the most powerful men in Europe.

But now, the term of the plain-talking German Social Democrat as president of the Eurpean Parliament – one of the European Union’s top three positions – is drawing to a close. He will step down in January next year, just months ahead of German federal elections.

The question many are now asking: Will Mr. Schulz, 60, leave behind his impressive legacy in Europe to seek a political encore in Berlin?

For now at least, Mr. Schulz is telling everyone no.

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