Train Collision

Black Tuesday in Bavaria

train crash bad aibling dpa
Hundreds of helpers were part of the rescue mission near Bad Aibling on Tuesday.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Emergency measures put in place after a 2011 accident did not prevent Tuesday’s train crash, which will likely spark a new debate about railway safety.

  • Facts


    • Two local trains collided early Tuesday morning in Bavaria, south of Munich.
    • At least 10 people died, 18 are in critical condition, dozens more are injured.
    • Two of the three black boxes on the trains have already been found, with investigations underway.
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Two regional trains crashed in Bavaria, near Bad Aibling south of Munich, killing at least 10 people and injuring more than 100 on Tuesday morning.

The head-on collision caused one train to derail. Footage from the site showed the front cars of both trains wedged into each other, their blue compartments torn open and debris covering the surrounding area.

Authorities from the German Railway Agency and local police teams at the site have yet to identify the exact cause of the collision on the single-track route, which connects the town of Rosenheim with Munich.

Two of the three black boxes aboard the trains have already been found, Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt, who visited the crash site, told reporters.

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