Cash for climate

Betting on Mother Nature

Glacier in Austria. Source: action press
Investing in Austrian glaciers perhaps?
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Profitability and a clever business plan may not be all investors are looking for in the future.

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    • Climate change starts playing an economic role as well.
    • 5000 companies worldwide said they will integrate climate change risks into their business plans, according to a survey conducted by The Carbon Disclosure Project.
    • Investors are wary that unpredictable weather changes such as flooding could cause production losses.
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It’s not just governments that need to tackle climate change these days. Companies need to have a plan, too.

Growing awareness of climate change among institutional investors has altered the way many German companies think about their own carbon footprint.

Companies that don’t address climate change risk losing funding. Investors are increasingly worried that the risks from increasing natural disasters, as well as the regulatory costs associated with a heavy carbon footprint, could hurt a company’s bottom line.

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