Referendum Looms

Why Britain Needs to Stay in the E.U. Cockpit

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Fears mount about what leaving the European Union would mean for Britain.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Ahead of Thursday’s referendum on whether the United Kingdom should remain a part of the European Union, many business leaders have weighed into the historic debate.

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    • Donald Bryson argues that it is vital that the United Kingdom retains the ability to influence the evolution of Europe.
    • He said it is especially important to retain a single market for goods and services, given that Britain is an exporter of financial services.
    • Leaving the European Union would take its toll on London as a financial hub, he said, adding that big firms are considering relocating to Paris or Frankfurt.
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I was born as the Second World War ended so I could not reasonably have expected, that over seventy years later, young Britons would view the beaches and great cities of Europe as holiday or work destinations. Nor did I imagine that German, French and English would be openly spoken in cafes and bars amongst colleagues and friends without fear.

No longer do we kill each other with muskets and sabres or tanks and bombers. Instead, and almost always imperfectly, we struggle in the conference rooms of Brussels and Strasbourg with paper (lots of paper), pens and computers to fashion a Europe that will continue to ensure peace and improve the wellbeing of its citizens. I have participated in such meetings, and progress can sometimes only painfully be achieved.

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