Euro 2016

What Business Can Learn from Soccer

EURO 2016 – Quarter final Germany vs Italy
Germany's national soccer team is riding high at Euro 2016.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    France and Germany – which have a centuries old rivalry – play each other in the semi-final of Euro 2016 on July 7.

  • Facts


    • The Euro 2016 tournament is taking place in France between June 10 and July 10.
    • France and Germany are two of the favorites to win the tournament.
    • Coaches of national soccer teams have to quickly and effectively implement their plans, drawing comparisons with business leaders.
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Like any group, the euro zone is driven by moods and feelings. From a purely psychological standpoint, then, it would be best if France won the Euro 2016 soccer tournament semi-final this Sunday and not neighboring Germany.

Not only did Germany win the 2014 World Cup, it also generates strong export surpluses that the other euro-zone members cannot touch – certainly not France, which could use a boost.

In the merciless world of soccer, however, feelings and psychology don’t count as much. A host of other factors are more important, most notably the ability of the coach.

From a business standpoint, coaches are a bit like product managers who for a very short period are responsible for extremely sensitive, spoiled employees who earn more than they do. Although coaches are in a position that most business leaders would avoid at all costs, what can the latter learn from the former?

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