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VW’s Tug o’ War

tug of war
VW's shareholders are all pulling in different directions.
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    Why it matters

    My Handelsblatt Morning Briefing Global Edition gives you an overview of the most important news from Germany and Europe – in a concise, two-minute read.

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    • One person was killed and three injured this morning when a man with a knife stabbed passengers at a train station near Munich.
    • Greece’s loans from the euro zone total €200 billion.
    • Qatar, VW’s third-largest shareholder, is proposing a woman as a candidate for its seat on the supervisory board, Handelsblatt has learned.
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Facebook is struggling to save face: According to a report on tech blog Gizmodo, Facebook’s own “news curators” suppressed conservative news stories on the social network’s influential “trending” page.

Flak didn’t just come from the right. Glenn Greenwald – a journalist in the Snowden NSA revelations and not a champion of conservative values – spoke up on Twitter: “Aside from fueling right-wing persecution, this is a key reminder of the dangers of Silicon Valley controlling content.” Facebook rejected the allegations, vowing it’s neutral. You just can’t help but wonder if it’s being two-faced.


One person was killed and three injured this morning when a man stabbed passengers randomly at a train station. It didn’t happen in Jerusalem, but in Grafing, near Munich. According to bystanders, the man shouted “Allahu akbar” before fleeing, only to be later nabbed by police. According to Bavarian broadcaster Bayerische Rundfunk, the young man who was arrested is a German citizen.

Bavaria has been a center of political pushback against Angela Merkel’s open-arms refugee policy and a frontline in the country’s migrant influx. In addition to grief, there’s another sentiment coursing through the state this morning: unease.


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