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The Trump Presidency, Eight Years On

Protesters in front of the White House in Washington, District of Columbia.
In da house.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    A British historian imagines how people would think about two terms with Donald Trump as president, if he were to win the elections in the United States.

  • Facts


    • Donald Trump is the leading Republican presidential candidate though his party is divided over whether he should stand.
    • The presidential elections in the United States take place on November 8.
    • Comments by Mr. Trump, a populist billionaire, about foreign and domestic issues have caused concern among leaders worldwide.
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From the vantage point of 2024, as President Trump prepares to run for His third term in the White House, the events of 2016 have a certain air of inevitability about them. It is easy to forget—as we celebrate The Donald’s masterful decision to repeal presidential term limits by executive order—that it was only by a series of flukes that Mr. Trump became president in the first place.

Had the liberal and conservative television networks given Him less air-time; had there been fewer candidates for the Republican nomination; had more of them followed Jeb Bush’s lead by withdrawing from the race when it was clear they could not win; had the Democrats not made the mistake of nominating Hillary Clinton shortly before her indictment—in any one of these scenarios, it would have been much harder for a complete political outsider like The Donald to become our leader and to Make America Great Again.

As He has!

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