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    Why it matters

    My Handelsblatt Morning Briefing Global Edition gives you an overview of the most important news from Germany and Europe – in a concise, two-minute read.

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    • Berlin’s new airport is now scheduled to open late next year.
    • The government today plans to introduce purchase subsidies of €4,000 for electric cars and €3,000 for hybrids.
    • The European Union has published a strategy paper on nuclear energy that directly contradicts Germany’s renewable energy policy, which calls for a phase-out of nuclear energy by 2020.
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Too old, too big, too inflexible – catalogue retailer Otto seemed destined for the history books. But things turned out differently. The family-owned firm has reinvented itself as a digital company ready to take on Amazon.

In an interview, patriarch Michael Otto talks about masterminding a turnaround in a traditional mail order company that oftentimes suffered from inertia. His unexpected triumph is our example.


The European Union will publish a strategy paper on nuclear energy that directly contradicts German energy policy, according to German media reports.

The proposal defends the merits of nuclear energy while planning for a future of cooperation between states in research and financing. Germany planned on leading the renewable energy movement by example, but instead became a warning tale.


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