Weekly Review

Populism Wears Out its Welcome

Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders of the PVV party leaves a polling station after voting in the Dutch general election in The Hague
Dutch far-right candidate Geert Wilders' Freedom Party came in a distant second in voting in Wednesday's election. Source: Reuters / Yves Herman


Two events this week gave the world a needed break in our daily, dark drip of apocalyptic populism.

In the Netherlands, Dutch voters sent an unequivocal message to artificially white-haired Geert Wilders, a far-right candidate who had called Moroccan immigrants “scum’’ while urging voters to make the Netherlands “ours again.’’

Voters heeded Mr. Wilders advice and indeed made the country “theirs’’ again, just not “his.’’ Wilders’ so-called “Freedom’’ party finished second in Wednesday’s national voting, but secured far fewer seats in parliament than predicted.

Across the Atlantic in Washington, two U.S. federal judges stopped President Donald Trump’s second attempt to ban immigrants from predominantly Muslim nations. One judge cited then-candidate Trump’s nasty comments about Muslims and Mexicans as evidence his policy was racially and religiously discriminatory, which is still a no-no in America, and tossed his closed-door protocol back in his face.


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