Nord Stream

Pipeline of Peace

Tensions musn't halt the pipeline.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Europe needs the expansion of Nord Stream to keep its energy supply secure.

  • Facts


    • The Nord Stream pipeline consists of a consortium of OMV, E.On, Shell, Wintershall and Gazprom.
    • The planned expansion of Nord Stream would double capacity by adding two additional pipelines.
    • Responding to EU sanctions last year, Russia canceled construction of the long planned South Stream pipeline to southeastern Europe, through the Black Sea.
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There is no good news coming from Ukraine, where the civil war in the Donetsk Basin rages on. The Minsk peace agreement is all but worthless. The conflict also highlights the need for Europe to examine its energy supply. It urgently needs alternatives to reduce its dependence on the supply of Russian natural gas through Ukraine.

In light of the escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, expansion of the Nord Stream through the Baltic Sea to Russia by two additional pipelines must now be made a priority.

The current consortium of OMV, E.On, Shell, Wintershall and Gazprom needs more political support, so that Russian gas can safely flow to Germany and other European countries.

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