LSE-Börse Deal

New Stock Exchange, New Chance

Deutsche Börse CEO Carsten Kengeter and LSE CEO Xavier Rolet have their work cut out for them.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Deutsche Börse and the London Stock Exchange plan to create a European super exchange to compete with major U.S. competitors ICE and CME.

  • Facts


    • The $30-billion deal will create the world’s third-largest trading platform, pending approval by regulators and shareholders.
    • If the merger goes ahead, a new holding company will be created with its headquarters in London, while each of the operators will maintain their own head offices in London and Frankfurt.
    • It’s the third attempt at such a merger in the past two decades.
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Whether one embraces opportunity or fears risks may be a question of approach. It’s also a matter of considering the alternatives. This is especially true for the planned merger of Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt with the London Stock Exchange.

The new German-British heavyweight offers a host of strong opportunities. First, it will be a strong European signal at the right time, almost independent of the result of the British referendum about whether to stay in the European Union.

And in a Europe of varying speeds and currencies, the deal offers a sustainable connection between the euro zone and other E.U. countries – far removed from the function of a liquidity bridge.

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