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Middle East Needs Marshall Plan

Gaza 12.09.2014: Ein Mädchen und ein Junge laufen durch die Trümmer von Khan Younis. Foto: SOS-Archiv, by B.O. Holmberg. Weiterer Text über ots und / Die Verwendung dieses Bildes ist für redaktionelle Zwecke honorarfrei. Veröffentlichung bitte unter Quellenangabe: "obs/SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit/Hermann-Gmeiner-Fonds/Foto: Bjørn-Owe Holmberg"
Children in Khan Younis, Gaza, surrounded by rubble.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    If not addressed, conflict in the Middle East combined with poverty and alienation will lead more people into extremism, the author writes.

  • Facts


    • In 2011 the Syrian conflict started initially with protests but escalated to civil war.
    • Refugees fleeing Syria are seeking asylum but most countries have been reluctant to accept large numbers of people.
    • A September UN summit addressed refugees and migrants this week but critics said it did not address the root causes of displacement.
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Welcome to the Middle East. With few exceptions, a garden variety of seventeenth century Europe; gruesome wars over religion, sect, ethnicity – and any pretexts you can think of.

This in addition to oppression, poverty, inequality, illiteracy, unemployment, and any other ills you can think of.

Statist systems and global and regional geopolitical rivalries override the right to life and human dignity.

It is not the first time we have witnessed human debasement on such a large scale and, sadly, it might not be the last. The tragedy is that the Middle East enjoys all the natural and human resources to prosper and be at peace, were it not for the dire lack of good governance and unscrupulous – at times illegal – and shortsighted foreign meddling.

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