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Germany's digital policies are moving at a snail's pace.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    • Building barriers could leave Europe by the digital wayside.
  • Facts


    • Each month, 280 million Europeans log in to Facebook and Google.
    • European companies such as Ericsson developed dominance in network technology, like Google has on the Internet.
    • European copyright laws are a patchwork of different rules for 28 E.U. nations.
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Europe is searching for a strategy for the digital world, and the digital world is searching for Europe.

At the same time as the European Commission was presenting its digital market strategy this week in Brussels, more than 6,000 Internet activists gathered in Berlin for the annual re:publica conference on digital culture. This year’s theme was “Finding Europe.”

What looks like a calendar coincidence has deep symbolism – because Europe and the digital world will only come together with difficulty.

That’s not so much an issue for 280 million Europeans who log in each month to Facebook or Google. But it’s a big problem for politics in Europe, which is in danger of losing the digital revolution race.

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