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How to Tame Trump

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The economic policies being proposed by the new U.S. administration have caused uncertainty in markets and the U.S. dollar has weakened somewhat recently. But it is expected to rise in the long term, analysts say, which would weaken the U.S. exporting ability and impact on U.S. businesses.

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    • The Trump administration believes that tax cuts, deregulation and funding major infrastructure projects will drive growth in the U.S.
    • Before the election, the U.S. already had unsustainably high public debt. Mr. Trump’s would add another $6.2 trillion of debt, analysts say.
    • In Germany, leading economists have advised German companies to reconsider investing in the U.S. because Trump policies risk destabilizing the economy.
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US-Notenbank – Dollar
Going up: Analysts say that the U.S. dollar is expected to rise in the long term. Source: DPA

One vision to guide the country, one vision of the power of the people, protected by the military and by God. A “historic movement like the world has never seen before.”

This is how Donald Trump proclaimed his presidency. And few would deny, a month after his assumption of office, that we are in fact witnessing a historical moment. There has never before been an American president like this. A president who thinks of himself not as a politician but as a tribune of the people – and who considers himself to be unassailable, as such.

This is the only explanation for the arbitrariness and unpredictability with which Mr. Trump acts. One minute he is expressing his admiration and “enormous respect” for the journalists of the New York Times. The next, he castigates them as “enemies of the American people.” Some days he promises to fight intolerance and do everything possible to preserve peace for African Americans and all Americans. Other days, he makes ready to remove millions of illegal immigrants – a process which, in this order of magnitude, is equivalent to an inhumane mass deportation.

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