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Europe Needs a Change in Rhetoric

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel, left, with British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Francois Hollande talk shop at the E.U. summit in Brussels on Friday.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Though last week’s E.U. summit ended in a deal with Turkey to stem the flow of refugees to Europe, it further exposed growing rifts between the 28 member states.

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    • The controversial deal with Turkey will see all migrants reaching the Greek islands deported back to Turkey once processed.
    • For every Syrian returned, the European Union will resettle one from a Turkish refugee camp, with up to 72,00 refugees to be divided up among the E.U. member states.
    • The aim is to block a main route used by migrants to enter Europe and discourage people smugglers.
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Once again, Europe held a summit that did little solve its conflicts.

The European Union presents a pitiful picture, as every crisis seems to trigger jealousy, obstinacy, egoism, national chauvinism and discord that results in political paralysis.

And while this might please euroskeptics and right-wing extremists, the fact is that Europeans still have much in common despite the financial, Greek and refugee crises. What’s needed, however, is a change in rhetoric.

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