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Buh-bye €500 Bill

Making briefcases just a bit less colorful. Source: Getty Images
Making briefcases just a bit less colorful.
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    Why it matters

    My Handelsblatt Morning Briefing Global Edition gives you an overview of the most important news from Germany and Europe – in a concise, two-minute read.

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    • The ECB governing council will decide on May 4 how to phase out the €500 bill.
    • BASF CEO Kurt Bock has told Handelsblatt he is prepared to make major acquisitions.
    • The union Verdi represents 2.1 million public sector employees.
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The U.S. election primary season isn’t over yet, but it effectively ended yesterday. Hillary Clinton took four big states, leaving only Rhode Island to Bernie Sanders. She is now 88 percent of the way to the Democratic nomination.

Donald Trump cleaned up in five states. When the results were announced, he was characteristically modest: “I consider myself the presumptive nominee. As far as I’m concerned, it’s over.” That’s one thing we agree with him on: If he’s the nominee, it is over – for the GOP.


There may be change in the air at Deutsche Bank. Star lawyer Georg Thoma was brought on the supervisory board by chairman Paul Achleitner to clean up the bank’s act. Apparently, he’s doing too good a job.

A lot of his colleagues feel Thoma has been too zealous pursing the truth as head of the bank’s “integrity” committee. Especially now that he may be honing in on the actions of fellow supervisory board members, including Achleitner. The clock has started ticking, and maybe not just for Thoma.


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