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Big Data Is No Magic Bullet

ARCHIV - Ein Messebesucher geht am 16.03.2015 an einem Leuchtdisplay auf der CeBIT in Hannover (Niedersachsen) vorbei. Der Digitalverband Bitkom hat seine Wachstumsprognosen für das Jahr 2015 angehoben. Der Umsatz in der ITK-Branche soll demnach um 1,9 Prozent auf 156 Milliarden Euro wachsen. Foto: Peter Steffen/dpa (zu dpa "ITK-Branche erwartet erstmals mehr als eine Million Beschäftigt" vom 22.10.2015) +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++
Big data.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    While having access to Big Data certainly helps, long-term corporate success also depends on the quality of data analysis combined with innovative business models and ideas.

  • Facts


    • Precise data analysis can help firms improve efficiency and budgeting.
    • The question of whether access to data gives firms a sustainable competitive advantage is the focus of a joint report by French and German competition authorities.
    • Tools for compiling and analyzing large amounts of information are widely and cheaply available to companies of all sizes.
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Big Data is the next chapter in technological development. Thanks to the cheaper and greater capacity and performance by computers, many innovative companies are relying on complex data analysis from day one.

But they are also faced with the question of whether access to data also provides them with a sustainable competitive advantage. This question is also the subject of a joint paper by the French and German competition authorities: the Autorité de la concurrence and the German Federal Cartel Office.

We believe that Big Data provides companies with fewer sustainable advantages than one would assume at first glance. That’s because at the heart of the analysis is the old realization that a competitive advantage can exist only when it can’t be replicated on the market.

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