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Amazon Primes the Pump

Usually the wheels of production grind to a halt when the factory workers go on strike. But today it’s Volkswagen’s own suppliers who are pulling the emergency brake, which will stop worldwide production on one of its best-selling models, the Golf. German parts makers owned by a Bosnian businessman, Nijaz Hastor, are demanding €58 million from Europe’s largest carmaker to make amends for a cancelled contract before delivering key transmission parts for the Golf. At VW, it’s a new Balkan war.


In a bold foray right into the heart of Deutsche Post DHL’s home market, American online retail giant Amazon is partnering with a European oil company to deliver its wares to automated packing stations at gas pumps across Germany. Consumers with day jobs can pick up their goods at the gas station on the way home, instead of missing the deliveryman during the day. So who is America’s e-commerce darling partnering with to bedevil DHL at home? Find out here.


The European Commission is often accused of overregulating to even the Continent’s competitive playing field. But in the case of high-speed broadband, Handelsblatt has learned that the Commission wants to unleash competition by removing some regulations that favor big telecoms. Will cutting red tape spur penetration, or encourage the big boys to stick it to the little guy? We look at the pros and cons.


The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is not where you’d expect to find a Renoir of a nude woman or a Francis Bacon triptych of a homoerotic ménage à trois. But Iran sits atop a trove of significant Western art treasures relatively unknown in the United States and Europe. Majid Mollanoroozi, the museum’s director, hopes sending these works on tour will warm the diplomatic chill between Iran and the West. First stop: Berlin’s Gemäldegalerie in December. Mollanoroozi won’t be there though – Berlin rescinded his invitation after he took part in a Holocaust cartoon contest. Taste is in the eye of the beholder.


The Olympics ended in Rio last night with the symbolic flag passing to Japan, the host of the 2020 Games. In the medal tally, Germany came in fifth, and won more gold medals than it did in 2012. The loss to Brazil in the soccer finals was souring, but the German team returns to a growing economy and a nation experiencing record low unemployment. Brazil on the other hand must get back to the bitter business of kick-starting South America’s largest emerging market and impeaching its president, Dilma Rousseff.


Image of the Day

A fire artist performs during this year’s International Fire Fest in Ratomka, Belarus. Source: SERGEI GAPON / AFP PHOTO
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