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A Triumph of Ideology

Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Hillary Clinton waves after speaking at a campaign rally in Lake Worth, Florida, U.S.
What does support for Hillary Clinton say about us? Source: Reuters
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    While people agree on Donald Trump’s shortcomings, their support for Hillary shows a troubling acceptance of the economic and cultural philosophy she represents.

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    • Slavoj Zizek is an influential, popular and eclectic philosopher who criticizes capitalism, liberalism and political correctness.
    • Mr. Zizek argues popular rage fueled support for Donald Trump on the right and Bernie Sanders on the left.
    • Given support for Hillary is growing since revelations about Donald Trump, Mr. Zizek notes she could have moved to the left but has instead moved to the center.
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Alfred Hitchcock once said that a film is as good as its villain – does this mean that the forthcoming U.S. elections will be good since the “bad guy” (Trump) is an almost ideal villain?

Do the latest revelations about his comments about the sexual availability of women not make it clear that we have already move beyond politics proper? There is something ridiculous in the ongoing wave of these revelations: why do people act “surprised” by how Trump was behaving towards women? Was something like this not to be fully expected? Was such acting not part of his public image? To put it in a tasteless way, it is almost like inviting Hitler to dinner and then being surprised when he starts throwing off anti-Semitic remarks. What did Republicans who supported him expect him to be?

Any consternation now is thoroughly hypocritical, and is in itself, much more than Trump’s vulgarities, a sad symptom of where we are.

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