Greek Dilemma

A State of Emergency or Illegal Blackmail?

06.02.2014, Frankfurt, DEU, Deutschland, MARIO DRAGHI, Praesident der Europaeischen Zentralbank, EZB, in Frankfurt 06 02 2014 Frankfurt DEU Germany Mario Draghi President the european Central Bank ECB in Frankfurt
Mario Draghi's dilemma.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    In this Sunday’s referendum, the Greek people will be asked to vote on a set of proposals drafted by IMF, ECB and European Commission.

  • Facts


    • The ECB has not increased emergency lending, or ELA, for Greek banks.
    • The ECB and IMF have insisted that the Greeks raise VAT in rural areas, lower pensions and sell off their government owned ports.
    • On Thursday the ECB increased the number of government-backed agencies whose securities it buys as part of its €1.1 trillion ($1.22 trillion) asset purchase program.
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