Restoring Order

A Lumbering Approach

Pence Merkel AP
The feelings are getting warmer, but will it last? Picture Source: AP Photo

If trust is the sum of optimism and positive experiences, then the Munich Security Conference marked a first step toward revitalizing trans-Atlantic relationships.

The 48-hour summit didn’t achieve a breakthrough regarding such important questions as the fight against radical Islamic terrorists, the conflict in the Ukraine or the international refugee crisis. But, on the positive side, fears that U.S. government representatives would question the rules of the global order – in the style of President Donald Trump – proved unjustified.

The promise of U.S. Vice President Michael Pence that the United States is firmly committed to NATO and will fulfill its responsibilities in the trans-Atlantic alliance should be understood for what it is: an attempt to normalize a tense relationship. Nothing more, but also nothing less.

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