Deutsche Bank

A Cryan Shame

Time is running out for John Cryan.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    If Mr. Cryan’s plans fail to show results in the next few months, Deutsche Bank may be forced into a painful capital increase by the end of the year.

  • Facts


    • There is widespread agreement that Mr. Cryan is taking the right approach at Deutsche Bank.
    • But the bank’s share price has declined by almost half since he took over in June.
    • Deutsche Bank has lost both employees and market share as a result of its poor performance.
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According to John Cryan, Deutsche Bank needs three things at the moment: Time, determination and patience. With these words, the co-chief of Germany’s largest bank asked the sorely afflicted employees and shareholders for yet another leap of faith on Thursday.

Hardly anyone doubts that Mr. Cryan is deeply determined. And it is virtually undisputed among investors, employees and rivals that he is taking the right steps and pressing forward rapidly with his uncompromising restructuring of the bank, accelerated processing of legal disputes and investments in an aging and too complex IT system.

What Mr. Cryan, a Briton, and his brand-new management team may be lacking is time. Investors and employees are apparently unwilling to give management much more of it.

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