Daily briefing

Spoiler alert on Sunday’s migration summit

While Bavarians are in a snit about Mercron, everyone else is fretting about football. Here’s our Daily Briefing for June 21st, 2018, with the latest on bees.

Daily briefing

Europe has a serious shortage of heroes on migration

Meet Berlin's new ambassador in Washington, DC – and speaking of tough jobs, who's going to take on Audi? Here's our Daily Briefing for June 20th, 2018 and it includes some animal rescue.

Bend it like Beckenbauer

The German World Cup squad shows a country lost in transition

Since 1954, German soccer has mirrored and tracked the state of Germany as a whole. And right now, that is cause for worry, Handelsblatt’s senior international correspondent muses.

Keep the money flowing

A German ‘Iran Bank’ could save the nuclear deal

Creating a private German Iran Bank would keep investment flowing into Iran, so that Tehran sticks to its side of the nuclear deal. The bank could even be named Deutsche.

Sense or censorship

Banning talk shows won’t stop the rise of the AfD

A state-funded cultural lobby group has proposed suspending talk shows on German TV, because their discussions about refugees supposedly boosted the far-right party AfD. It’s a preposterous idea.

Keep ’em out

Europe has lost its soul in the refugee crisis

Emmanuel Macron enthused over a year ago that Angela Merkel saved Europe’s “collective dignity” and “joint values” with her humane refugee policy. Those words didn’t age well.

new world order

The old world is dying, and Europe must seize the moment

A new era in global affairs has begun, says former German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel: Germany and Europe must seize the moment.


Soccer and the open society

One in three players on the German soccer squad has foreign roots. That's why society has a lot to learn from sports about "integration."

power to europe

Let’s stop fighting and use Trump’s hating to help us unite

Europe should seize on Donald Trump’s hostility towards it as an opportunity to become a stronger force in the world, writes the head of the SPD Economic Forum.

Funny money

Vollgeld’s a nice idea, just not in Switzerland

On Sunday, the Swiss vote on whether to remove private banks' right to create money. It's a sound idea, says Handelsblatt’s Swiss correspondent, but Switzerland is the wrong place for the experiment.


Trump, Grenell and anti-elitism in America and Europe

Paranoid distrust of “elites” is a centuries-old tradition in the US. Donald Trump and his ambassador to Germany are its newest messengers.

Bubbly wine

Time for the solidarity tax to go the way of the sugar beet tax

Germany has plenty of odd taxes, and has junked many more. Time to do the same with the solidarity tax, writes Reinhold von Eben-Worlée.

Diplomacy 101

Berlin must rise above the futile spiral of outrage about Richard Grenell

Donald Trump’s ambassador to Germany has caused outrage with undiplomatic statements. But Berlin should answer pragmatically, for the real problem is that nothing in trans-Atlantic relations is “normal” any longer.

Deciphering Nazi code

Why Germans are right to call out the far right for its ‘little bit of bird shit’

Mathematically, the far-right politician Alexander Gauland even has half a point: The Nazi era was only a small part of Germany’s long history. So why the outrage? Because Germans know the code and its dangers.

Weekly review

‘Lazy Italians’ and ‘ugly Germans’: How the euro sows discord

A common currency was supposed to unite Europeans. Instead, it increasingly divides them, as Italy showed again this week. Pro-Europeans must talk honestly about the euro.

Dun, Dun, Dun

The perils of European deposit insurance

History has shown that over-generous deposit guarantees lead banks to take irresponsible risks. Those backing European deposit insurance should take note, writes Germany's best-known economist.

Europe MIA

Italy crisis further tarnishes EU image as chimera of global leadership fades

Merkel and Macron lack the democratic legitimacy to lead on a world stage. Europe once again fails to rise to the occasion.

Crossed wires

German contentiousness vs American small talk

Germans and Americans have different conversational styles. And that often causes trouble, says John Otto Magee in his third article in a series.

Look closer to home

We Germans should stop patronizing Italy, for a change

Handelsblatt's international correspondent scans his own German clichés about Italy and finds much to criticize at home in Germany instead.

nuclear proliferation

Trump’s recipe for Middle East chaos

The Iran deal was the right way to keep Iran in check in the tumult of the Middle East. Trump's decision to back out makes the situation worse, says former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer.

Bitter pill

Homeopathy: a homegrown German form of quackery

Homeopathy is native to Germany and more popular than ever, even though it is nothing more than deception and snake oil, writes a public health expert.

Euro vision contest

How Germany can break the transfer union

If Germany is so against the euro zone's transfer union, it's time it came up with an alternative. How about a responsibility union that makes government and banks liable for their mistakes?


The German rules trap

Lacking in community spirit, Berlin's idea of Europe is merely a rigid network of self-serving regulations, argues a leading French expert.

Weekly review

Overwhelmed and confused by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

Sure, somebody had to do something about online-data abuse, and why not Europe? But oh the trouble that is causing.

Data protection

The new GDPR privacy law: Four letters, lots of question marks

The new regulation was conceived by lawmakers who rely on fax machines and think Facebook is for kids. That's a major blunder, writes Handelsblatt's digital leader.

Ties that Bind

America and Germany are about so much more than Trump

If the American-German relationship can survive US President Donald Trump's term, it'll be stronger than ever, write three policy experts for Handelsblatt.

Trans-Atlantic rift

Germany in the age of Trump

As the foreign ministers of Germany and the US meet in Washington for damage control, a foreign-policy expert ponders what Germany should do now that Donald Trump has cancelled the "partnership in leadership."

Butt out

How Germany is smoking other countries in e-cigarette regulation

Regulations-heavy Germany has taken a surprisingly lax stance on e-cigarettes and vaping laws. It's the right approach, writes a policy analyst.

Weekly Review

The (still)birth of a European foreign policy

Iran, Gaza, Jerusalem: If ever the time was right for EU countries to unite in their foreign policy as in their trade policy, it is now, says our editor-in-chief. Alas, that still doesn’t make it likely.

Free rider

Germany’s great European defense heist

Europe needs a security strategy for the 21st century, as well as reforms in the euro zone. Germany makes both difficult. But what if you applied the same German logic about the eurozone to defense policy?


Germans pay too much for too many public broadcasters

Independent media is vital to a functioning democracy, but Germany's state-funded system has become bloated and too expensive, writes Handelsblatt's Catrin Bialek.

Race to the bottom

Why Germany must react to Trump’s tax reform

America's tax cuts put Berlin under pressure to reduce the burden on corporations, in order to defend its global competitiveness.

Better deal

Merkel, Macron and May: Start talking to Iran about a new deal

Now that Donald Trump has broken the Iran deal, and transatlantic ties, Germany, France and Britain should start their own initiative to negotiate a security framework with Iran, says a leading German strategy thinker.

For open minds

A Universal Basic Income: the Next Big Thing in policy

Too bad Finland is phasing out its experiment with a guaranteed income, because we don’t really understand anything about it. Germany should conduct its own trial, says our editor-in-chief.


Macron wants Europe to take charge of its own fate

Accepting a prestigious European prize, French President Emmanuel Macron showed German politicians what it means to truly stand up for European values, writes Handelsblatt's Brussels bureau chief.

Double whammy

American expats in Germany face tax nightmare

Americans abroad have long suffered from a US tax regime that is unique in the way it torments its own expats, and last year's tax "reform" made things worse, says an American tax lawyer. But there is hope.

broken telecoms in germany


EU needs single telecoms market to stay competitive

If Europe wants to remain a player in the digital economy, it must merge telecoms markets across the EU, writes Handelsblatt correspondent Ina Karabasz.

'terrible deal'

Save the Iran nuclear deal, Ms. Merkel

Germany and Europe must prepare for Donald Trump to make the wrong decision on the Iran deal. It may be up to Europe to prevent the worst after May 12.

crisis diplomacy

What Germany, France and Britain should do after Trump nixes the Iran deal

The Iran nuclear deal has become a litmus test for Europe's willingness to protect its interests, against both Iran and the US, argues Oliver Meier of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs.