Culture clash

Where Germans systematize, Americans break down

Germans and Americans make decisions in totally different ways, which often leads to clashes. In his second piece in a series, John Otto Magee, an American living in Germany who advises companies in cross-cultural management, explains the dilemma.



How diesel can help Germany achieve its goals

The government will prevent driving bans, secure jobs and prepare the auto industry for the future. Diesel will play a crucial role in this, writes German Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer.

change, now

By dithering on euro-zone reform, Germany risks the euro

The window of opportunity to genuine euro-zone reform is closing quickly. Maybe it's already closed, even before it was really open, says the chief economist for Germany and Austria of a large Dutch bank.

No Moral High Ground

Germans should stop reducing Africa to migration

There’s more to Africa than corruption, war or migrants biding their time. Europe needs to ditch the self-righteous attitude, writes former German president Horst Köhler.

Political dwarf

Germany pays lip service to foreign policy responsibilities

Germany’s response to the Syrian crisis has revealed the huge gap between its rhetoric and its responsibilities on foreign policy, says Handelsblatt's senior political correspondent.

Mirror, mirror

Cool Germania?

The cover story of the Economist bills Germany as the new "cool" nation. This gives Handelsblatt's Berlin bureau chief a very uncool feeling.

German perspective

Cocksure Trump is getting scary

Donald Trump’s flip-flopping over launching missile attacks on Syria shows that he still thinks short-term advantage before rational diplomacy. That’s worrying news for the rest of the world.

New friend needed

How Donald Trump drives Europe towards China

The US under Trump is presenting itself to Europe as a less attractive ally for trade and climate policy, and China as a more attractive one, a German foreign policy expert writes.

Pain in Spain

German politicians should shut up about Carles Puigdemont

Many German politicians attacked the court’s decision not to extradite the Catalan leader. But their comments are damaging German-Spanish relations, according to Handelsblatt’s Madrid correspondent.

pillow talk

How to stabilize Europe in times of crisis

Two economists from the International Monetary Fund spell out why Europe needs a rainy day fund – but not an endless supply of cushions.

the 'other'

Germans, Jews, Muslims and the paradox of tolerance

Does Auschwitz require Germans to protect Jews from Muslims, or all minorities including Muslims from everybody? A country ill at ease with its past faces a dilemma it wasn’t ready for.

Blue about green

In defense of Germany’s energy and climate policies

One quarter into the year, Germany has already exceeded its emissions targets for the whole of 2018. But don’t rush to blame Germany. It’s just not easy being green, says an American editor of ours.

trading places

How Germany can reframe the US-China trade debate

Germany and the EU should use talks about a permanent exemption from Donald Trump's metals tariffs to leverage US thinking on the main threat to the global trading system: China.

View from Germany

Brits are in denial about their diminishing importance

One year after Brexit negotiations started, Britain's place in the world is shrinking fast. At some point, Theresa May will have to tell her people the truth, argues Handelsblatt's Brussels bureau chief.

Sold short

Europe must not let Trump destroy trade

With the US abandoning its role as head of the liberal world order to pursue nationalist goals, Europe is on its own. Its leaders must act quickly to save the system on which its prosperity is built.

Russian tactics

Don’t be fooled by Putin and his KGB playbook

Some Germans have defended Moscow over the spy spat, but they should see it in the context of the Kremlin's strategy of lies, confusion and sowing distrust, writes Handelsblatt's international correspondent.

Zuckerberg's Sweet Talk

Forget regulation and help Facebook’s competitors

Facebook wants its users to share, so it should too: starting with its data, writes Handelsblatt’s Silicon Valley correspondent.

Quid pro quo

Lowering European levies is the best answer to US protectionism

Europe should take a long hard look at its own import tariffs, which are as high as 69 percent. Cutting duties would be the best way to avoid a trade war with Trump.

germany france partnership reciprocation

Quid pro quo

It’s time for Germany to heed France’s call for reform

Paris has made many concessions to Berlin, so if Germany is serious about achieving EU breakthroughs, it should return the favor, writes the head of Handelsblatt’s Brussels bureau.

French lessons

The attempt by Bavaria’s CSU to lure far-right voters will backfire

Bavaria’s ruling party, the Christian Social Union, is wooing AfD sympathizers with dog-whistle politics. It should study how that worked out for Nicolas Sarkozy when he was battling the Front National.

delete facebook

Weekly Review

It was time to #DeleteFacebook long ago

As calls to regulate Facebook and its ilk grow in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Germans should think before rushing into new laws. One option is to delete your Facebook account. Our editor-in-chief did that years ago.

Handing him the ammo

Europe’s ‘Google tax’ is a gift to Trump

A proposed EU levy on digital sales will only infuriate Donald Trump at a time when the US president is threatening to start a trade war. It's a bad idea.

Data Mining

How Germany can get the Facebook scandal right

Angela Merkel is reducing the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal to issues of data protection. That misses both the heart of the problem and the best remedies.

Not getting it

Why German companies fail at digital innovation

(No) thanks to hierarchical managers, obsolete tools and daft politics, Germany risks being left in the digital dark age. Here are the four worst problems.

No more kid gloves

With Moscow, talk is no longer enough

Sanctions worked for Iran and they would work for Russia, so what are we waiting for, asks Handelsblatt’s correspondent.

Ever Closer Union

How to boost European integration? A common safety net for the jobless

An EU-wide unemployment insurance would be in Germany's interests and bring the 28-nation community closer together, writes a leading German economist.

increase the peace

How to stop a trade war

If the EU doesn’t want a trade war, then it should lead by example, argues the head of German Council of Economic Experts.

Mind the dragon

Germany must help China’s ‘peaceful rise,’ and beware the other kinds

America suddenly seems unpredictable; Russia erratic and dangerous. But Germany must keep an eye on what could become an even bigger challenge: China.


Rise to power of German ‘Lord of Darkness,’ Martin Selmayr, polarizes Brussels

It’s not quite “House of Cards,” but all Brussels is abuzz about the intimidating power of a German in the European Commission. Handelsblatt’s Brussels correspondent puts the hysteria into perspective.

I thee wed

SPD and CDU: Merkel’s dangerous marriage of convenience

The third installment of Angela Merkel’s “Grand Coalition” is good for Germany in the short term, but comes with considerable political baggage, a leading German-American academic writes.

Staying friends

If Trump goes low, Europe should go high

Instead of retaliating tit-for-tat in the trade dispute with the US, Europe should compromise with Donald Trump and win him over, writes a Handelsblatt foreign affairs correspondent.

Ni how?

Germany’s China syndrome

Beijing is rewriting the political playbook and Berlin is lost without a plan, according to Handelsblatt’s international correspondent.

Masked villain

The real target of Trump’s tariffs? German carmakers

The official word is steel and aluminum tariffs will strengthen US producers. But after Trump's Pennsylvania speech, Handelsblatt’s Washington correspondent thinks German wheels were the target all along.

vaccines, anti-vax in germany

Shots fired

Germany, land of anti-vax moms

A Handelsblatt colleague, originally from Upstate New York but now living in Berlin with her German-American family, is furious at the parents in her preschool who refuse to vaccinate their kids.

Come Together

Brexit could be catalyst for more integrated European capital markets

With Britain's exit from the EU looming, European countries must press ahead to bring their financial markets closer together.


Memo to Europe: Chill, you still need US ‘hard power’

Hey Berlin, and Brussels: Stop whining about Trump. Russia and China are the threats to worry about.

Trading blows

Germany must not sell its soul to Turkey to restore good relations

Turkey and Germany recently agreed to try to “normalize” their fraught relationship. Here’s hoping that the Germans didn’t strike a Faustian bargain.

Economic imbalance

Get your act together, Brussels tells Berlin

The EU’s annual report slams Germany for numerous structural failings. These include rising inequality and too little action on climate change.

Step up

Germany should finally take the lead in Europe

Now she has won a fourth term, Chancellor Merkel should put little-Germany thinking behind her and be the leader that Europe needs.

london financial center post-brexit

Euro zone

Post-Brexit, no need for a financial freeze

After the UK leaves the European Union, the trading bloc can sustain its economic standing by creating a digital network of financial centers to replace London.

Weekly Review

Succession planning for chancellors: Angela Merkel’s team of rivals

With two shrewd staff moves, Angela Merkel has neutered a naysayer (Jens Spahn) and simultaneously anointed her favorite (Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer) as heiress apparent.

Flip sides

The pros and cons of Bitcoin regulation

The rapid rise of cryptocurrencies and their spin-offs has sparked a lively debate in our newsrooms. Handelsblatt decided to take it public.