Why we must defend George Soros

A vile tradition of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories runs from the Dreyfus affair through today’s slanders against George Soros.

Daily briefing

Spahn goes after AKK and Merz, and everybody wins

Germany’s 3Q dip; Brexit, why are we celebrating?; Spahn reminds AKK that he’s gay. Here's our Daily Briefing for November 15, 2018.

daily briefing

Commemorating seems easier than welcoming

Remembering Kristallnacht, a mosque at last, and why Merkel upset everyone in Strasbourg with a relatively standard speech. Here's our Daily Briefing on November 14, 2018.

Big-tent parties

Why the CDU, CSU and SPD are losing voters, and how to win them back

Germany's big-tent parties in the political center are in a slow-motion crisis. The author of a new book on their malaise offers some advice.

Budget Discipline

Let the markets chasten Italy’s populists

The EU must stand firm and let markets pressure the Italian government into backing down in its budget dispute with Brussels, writes Commerzbank chief economist Jörg Krämer.

Daily briefing

A dodgy donation to the AfD

There's a Swiss mystery and a Bavarian contrarian in our Daily Briefing for November 13, 2018. Plus, Europe strikes back.

Law of the jungle

German banks fear the digital cull

Most banks will survive the onslaught of internet companies, but not in their current form, writes Handelsblatt’s deputy finance editor.

Daily Briefing

Of patriots and nationalists

Mercron’s subtle nudge to Trump; Seehofer prepares for retirement; Germany’s supreme court; and more construction snafus in Berlin. Here’s our Daily Briefing for November 12, 2018.

Word War I

Neo-Nationalism 100 years after Compiègne

As Emmanuel Macron prepares to host Angela Merkel and other leaders to commemorate the end of World War I, our editor-in-chief ponders its lessons, and how they are being heeded by some, scorned by others.

Daily Briefing

AKK promises continuity and a fresh start. Huh?

Germany’s annual economics ritual; Kramp-Karrenbauer’s Zen koan; and Manfred Weber wants you to know who he is. Here’s our Daily Briefing for November 8, 2018.

Daily briefing

Mixed feelings on a mixed midterm election

Germany looks to the US and sees a divided government and a divided nation. Back home, there's a rumble over retail and a spat about a Franco-German fighter jet. Here's our Daily Briefing for November 7, 2018.

daily briefing

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer now needs to prove she isn’t Merkel’s sequel

AKK joins the fray, but we're busy with the midterm blues. Drawing hope, though, on Brexit with an example from the EEC. Here's our Daily Briefing on November 6, 2018.

Trumpism to Stay

Europe’s wishful thinking for US midterm elections is delusional

Hopes that the elections will rein in President Donald Trump are likely to be dashed. A partial victory by the Democrats won’t stop Trumpism or change US policy, writes Handelsblatt's Jens Münchrath.

Financial oversight

When EU banking stress tests become meaningless

The Germans were worried, the Italians relieved. But nobody should be happy with the way European banking stress tests are conducted, according to Handelsblatt’s financial editor.

Angela Merkel as a child

Being a Mensch

A few more words about Angela Merkel

Much has been said this week, good and bad, about Angela Merkel, after she announced that she won’t run for re-election. Our editor-in-chief would like to add just a few heartfelt observations.

Make or break

2019: Europe’s year of reckoning

What with Brexit and EU parliament elections looming, dramatic change could happen in Europe next year, writes Joschka Fischer, a former German foreign minister.

Nuclear weapons

How Germany should respond to America’s threat to quit the INF Treaty

Germany, more than most countries, was shocked by Donald Trump's threat to withdraw from the INF Treaty on nuclear weapons. A German security expert questions the assumptions behind that reaction and offers four steps Germany should now take.

southern neighbors

Berlin: We need to invest in Africa to create jobs

It's time to shift our thinking about Africa away from the donor mentality and towards creating strong economic partnerships, according to two German policy experts.

Hesse Votes

Waiting for Germany is like waiting for Godot

The Hessian election will clarify Angela Merkel’s fate, we are told. It will clarify nothing. And for a while longer, that won’t even matter.

Time to wake up

We are deeply concerned about the future of Europe and Germany

As nationalism threatens the European peace project, six leading German thinkers penned an open letter on how to save it.


As nuclear deals unravel, Germany must step up

Berlin needs to counter the mounting threat of a new nuclear arms race, writes former German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel.