Daily Briefing

Bayer: has glyphosate, needs Aspirin

Bayer’s glyphosate crash; VW’s Bentley problem; the worsening Turkish crisis; and Merkel’s next meeting with Putin: Our daily briefing for August 14.

Daily Briefing

Turkey could be triggering the next financial crisis

Trump v Erdogan; Merkel's Andalusian amigo; and John Thain loves Deutsche Bank. Our Daily Briefing for August 13.


When German companies talk about ‘diversity,’ they only mean women

Adding women to executive boards does not a diversity-management strategy make.

Daily Briefing

Should Germany get nukes?

Germany debates the unthinkable; the Game of Krupp Thrones saga evolves; and a posse to bring Europe a migrant policy. Our Daily Briefing for August 9.

Daily Briefing

A mother’s unthinkable crime against her son

A horrific crime; the silent rise of The Greens; and talking to Turkish President Erdogan. Our Daily Briefing for August 8.

Hazardous Chemistry

Germany’s dangerous flirtation with nuclear weapons

Berlin may be toying with the idea of embracing its nuclear ambitions, but doing so would jeopardize the delicate balance of power in Europe, writes a security policy expert.

Daily Briefing

Germany braces for Trump’s secondary Iran sanctions

Washington vs Brussels over Iran; a Spanish idea for migrants; strange bond spreads; and auditing firms playing musical chairs. Our daily briefing on this scorching August 7.

Daily Briefing

Linde Praxair merger leaking gas

The Linde-Praxair deal is suddenly up in the air again; Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer proposes bringing back the draft; and pondering the age of killer drones. Our Daily Briefing for August 6, 2018.

Daily Briefing

On trade with China, Berlin says yes but no but yes but no but …

A clothing alliance unravels while there's a danger of development at Checkpoint Charlie. Here's our Daily Briefing on August 2, 2018, plus a tip for the sweltering evenings.

Daily briefing

A mean green look at the news on Earth Overshoot Day

Lufthansa promises to do better, but why not take a train? Plus, blindsided by VW's record numbers, again. Here's our daily briefing on August 1, 2018 – with an ecological exhortation.

trump european sovereignty

Ties that bind

Reclaiming European sovereignty is the best revenge

After Donald Trump’s European tour, there is no doubt that he and his supporters want to destroy the American-led international order and global trade system, Joschka Fischer writes.

Daily Briefing

Tesla comes to Autoland

Trump and Conte dissing Merkel; Teslas made in Germany (maybe); and grokking German health insurance. Here’s our Daily Briefing for July 31, 2018.

thin ice

Are we seeing the twilight of the euro?

A renowned German economist suggests that the euro’s third decade will make it or break it.

Daily briefing

Winterkorn’s Swiss bank accounts

Even more trouble for VW's former boss; Germany's farmers feel the heat, #metwo follows #metoo. And what on earth does that yield curve mean? Our Daily Briefing for July 30, 2018.

Reality check

Refugees are fleeing war and violence today, climate change tomorrow

People who believe climate change won’t impact us here in Europe are lying to themselves, writes E.ON’s CEO Johannes Teyssen. It will force more people to migrate to the continent.

sports and race

Mesut Özil and the pain of exclusion

Mesut Özil, Colin Kaepernick, Tommie Smith: White majorities in Germany, America and elsewhere often don’t hear, or don’t want to hear, the pained and primal screams of their minorities.

death by fan, germans and drafts, durchzug

Heated up

The German war against drafts

Fresh air or deathly drafts? Germans’ belief in the myth that breezes make you sick is completely overblown. This Handelsblatt editor is hot and bothered.

daily briefing

Summer loving on trade, but will it last?

Wishing we had an actual deal on trade, but hey, who's complaining (me). Plus turbulence in the turbines biz, but good news on immigration law. Our briefing for July 25, 2018.

A new scheme

Europe needs a minimum price on carbon emissions

Adopting a higher price floor for every ton of carbon released during power generation will help EU countries switch from coal to renewables more quickly, write two energy policy experts.

Daily briefing

Extremism and its discontents

Recommending the talking cure, for almost everything. Plus carmakers are dirty but clean, cheating though sort of backwards this time. Our briefing for July 25, 2018.

Not the big league

Racism is endemic in German soccer, from the bottom to the top

Mesut Özil had it good. The son of Turkish immigrants actually got to believe he was German for a while. Millions of other athletes in Germany never get that far, says one journalist who reported on soccer in the country’s lower leagues.

Daily Briefing

Audi’s new driver

Bye bye BMW, hello Audi: The VW subsidiary gets a new boss from a rival. Also, Özil continues to roil Germany, and Iran tweet-flirts with POTUS. Our briefing for July 24, 2018.

Daily Briefing

Mesut Özil and national identity

German/Turkish, French/African, Israeli/Arab: Ambiguity about identity is perhaps the biggest question open societies must answer today. Plus: Hopes for free trade, and German gas. Our briefing for July 23, 2018.

NATO fate lies in Trump's hands


What would a world without NATO look like?

Yes, NATO’s military capacity is improving, but its political decision-making capacity is deteriorating in the hands of Trump, writes Sweden's former prime minister.

celebrities, Thomas Piketty, World Inequality Report 2018

World Inequality Report 2018

Economists read the new Piketty report so you don’t have to

A new report by Thomas Piketty addresses growing global inequality. Where does Germany fit in? Economists Clemens Fuest and Andreas Peichl examined the data for Handelsblatt.

How to debate a populist, how to fight civilly

Civil Discourse

How to debate a populist

Even after WWII, German nationalists and communists engaged one another in mutually respectful debate. It's hard to imagine that happening today, writes Helmut K. Anheier.

thyssenkrupp shakeup

Plague of locusts

The investor attack on ThyssenKrupp damages democracy

The conglomerate is one of the prime examples of the success of Germany’s social market economy, says former vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel. But now activist investors threaten both.

Risk Cover

ECB’s new rules for bad loans make good sense

Germany approves of the new regulations on how banks can deal with bad debt and reduce risk, as introduced by the euro zone’s chief banking watchdog.

Fighting talk

Why Europe should heed Trump’s NATO warning

Forget Donald Trump’s rantings over European allies’ defense spending – the real danger is what they’ll do when America no longer comes to their aid.

Pipeline Defense

Nord Stream 2 takes center stage in Trump’s NATO performance

Trump is right that Germany’s reliance on Russian gas is worrying, but he is wrong to conflate the pipeline with NATO spending, write two policy experts for Handelsblatt Global.


Germany’s beloved finance minister needs to prioritize investment

Olaf Scholz is Germany’s most popular politician, but he isn’t investing enough in education, infrastructure and health, writes Handelsblatt’s Martin Greive.

When less is more

Europe needs to amalgamate the defense industry, if it wants an EU army

Talk of a European army is welcome — but also cheap. Given the current state of trans-Atlantic relations, European governments need to back policy to consolidate the EU’s armaments industry, says a German lawmaker.

Summit shock

In, out and down in NATO

Donald Trump knows the price of everything and the value of nothing, not even of the Western alliance, says Andreas Kluth. The onus is on Germany to respond.

authoritarian economies

When it comes to industrial policy, Germany should be more like China

The Chinese government chooses which business sectors matter the most then supports them financially and politically. Berlin should try the same approach.

Urban jewel

Neukölln – the chili pepper in Berlin’s melting pot

The scruffy borough in Germany's capital – long the destination for poorer immigrants from Turkey and the Balkans – is gentrifying, but not nearly as fast as neighboring districts. And that's just fine, writes one of our editors, a former resident.

business mentality

Germans consult, Americans serve

A big source of misunderstanding between Americans and Germans, rarely made explicit, is about whether business should inherently be customer-centric, supplier-centric, or somehow balanced, as our fourth column in this series explains.

German awkwardness

The limbo between Du and Sie

The standoff between Angela Merkel and Horst Seehofer is more than a government crisis; it is also a reminder of the human pitfalls in the German language and culture.

Europe's trade deal with Japan is self-defense

Brussels + Tokyo

Europe’s trade deal with Japan is self-defense

The nascent free-trade pact between two economic titans is a boost to the liberal world order even as the US heads in the other direction, writes the chairman of the EU Parliament's foreign affairs committee.