strong euro


Let’s Hear it for the Euro

Our currency is stronger than it’s been in a long time. That’s good for Europe, and it’s finally putting pressure on southern European countries to implement reforms.

Tourism Industry

The Risk from Britain

Political unrest on the eastern Mediterranean hasn’t dented German tour operators’ profits. But Brexit has, writes Handelsblatt’s companies and markets editor Christoph Schlautmann.

Weekly Review

When Germans take off

Vacation is a serious matter for Germans, as is reserving the beach chair that goes with it. Handelsblatt Global's Editor-in-Chief reviews our investigations into the subject.


Will Trump Unite Europe?

Donald Trump's policies could bring Europe closer together, but if Germany and France fail to set the tone, individual EU states may decide to go it alone.

Magazine column

The Towel Truce

The human, and very German, need to reserve beach chairs could unite rather than divide us.


The Price of Poor Ethics

The lack of business ethics among top German managers is exposing leadership problems and could cause long-term damage at companies.

Electric cars

The Quota Question

After reports that the EU was considering a quota for e-cars, two auto correspondents battle it out over whether that would make sense.

Revolving Doors

Dabbling in Corporate Governance

Sitting politicians should not serve on supervisory boards, writes the head of Handelsblatt’s finance desk.

ASEAN anniversary

A Chip Off the Old Bloc

As the EU celebrates its 60th birthday mired in problems, it could do worse than look to the prosperous and united ASEAN group of Southeast Asian countries for guidance.

Transatlantic Rift

Let’s Talk About Sanctions

Germany's economics minister implores the US president to step up and discuss a joint approach to Russia in an exclusive commentary for Handelsblatt Global's sister publication.

Germany’s Liberals

Free Democrats Thinking in New Ways

Germany’s pro-business party is making a stunning comeback. An American expert on Germany ponders what that could mean for the next government.

Weekly Review

Merkel’s Options, Merkel’s Gestures

As the German election approaches, you have to understand two things: the parties that could form a governing coalition, and the sheer political skill, as expressed in her body language, of Angela Merkel.

Trump Card

Europe Must Act Against America’s New Russia Sanctions

The EU must defend itself against US sanctions against Russia because it represents an unacceptable, extraterritorial expansion of American legislative reach, argues a former CDU politician.

Lose-lose-lose situation

Martin Schulz’s Refugee Gamble

Politicians try to make refugees an election issue two months ahead of the polls. This could upset a delicate balance across Europe, writes a policy expert.

Big Banks

The German Patients

Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank are falling further behind their European competitors, warns Handelsblatt's lead financial correspondent.

german car industry in crisis

Diesel Summit

Our National Responsibility

The diesel crisis has destroyed a lot of confidence in German automakers, but the industry is too big, and too important, to fail.

tougher moves

Germany’s New-Found Purse Power

Berlin's firmer line on Turkey confirms Germany's status as a major economic power, writes a foreign policy analyst.

ECB policy

Time for a Reboot

Economic policy in the euro zone is not keeping pace with growth in the bloc – or with the new risks it now faces, says Allianz's chief economist.

Financial Crisis

Fallout from the Joe Show

A hunger to be more international drove Germany's Deutsche Bank to take ever greater risks, creating a toxic legacy which has not been sufficiently addressed, writes Handelsblatt's lead financial correspondent.

Bundesbank birthday

German Monetary Mythology

A powerful narrative says that Germans abhor inflation because they are still traumatized by the hyperinflation of the 1920s. The true story is more interesting.

Weekly Review

Happy 60th, Lady Bundesbank

As postwar Germany’s quintessential institution, now subsumed in a wider European system, has a big anniversary, join us for just a moment of nostalgia.

injudicious moves

Kaczyński’s Threat to Europe

Poland could present more of a danger to the European Union than Greece does, according to a former finance minister.

Carmaker-government breakup

The End of the Affair?

The German auto industry has always enjoyed a cozy, mutually beneficial relationship with the government. But its multiple scandals could force ministers to cut the cord.

German-Turkish Tensions

Severing Ties with Erdogan

Germany should demand Turkey’s suspension from NATO and cancel the refugee pact with President Erdogan, to deprive him of any leverage, the Left Party’s former leader writes.

EU-Turkey Ties

Earth to Erdogan

Recent arrests of human rights activists, including Amnesty International's Turkey director and a German citizen, have set Turkey on a collision course with the EU.

monetary policy

Quitting Cheap Capital

Rising interest rates would have a cleansing effect, but companies have to start preparing now.

Refugee crisis

This Side of the Med

If Germans want Africans to stop risking their lives to reach Europe, they'll have to give them more opportunities back home, argues Handelsblatt's Brussels bureau chief.

After Mosul

The Middle East’s Next War

Islamic State may have been defeated in Iraq, but the region's future looks as violent and unstable as ever, writes Germany's former foreign minister, Joschka Fischer.

trade talk

How to Reduce Germany’s Surplus

Germany is blamed for global imbalances, told to save less and invest more. But the country barely profits from its current-account surpluses, argues a leading German economist.

Policy Debate

Economists Aren’t up For Sale

Economic researchers need to make themselves understandable by the public, but they shouldn’t shy away from ruffling feathers, a leading German economist writes.

Weekly Review

At the Wheel, in the Backseat, Or Roadkill?

The wager German carmakers placed on diesel combustion is itself combusting. That raises the question of whether the firms, and Germany, can drive the coming mobility revolution -- or end as roadkill.

Economic Weekly

From Brexit to Berlin to Frankfurt

In his weekly column, Handelsblatt’s chief economist looks at the election manifestoes of Germany’s parties, the stalled Brexit talks and frustrations at the ECB’s monetary policy.

Federal Elections

Losing the Fight to be Mainstream

Germany’s Social Democrats have moved toward the center so much that there is virtually no difference between them and their main rivals. That has lost them the next election already.


A Smart Maneuver

A voluntary recall is the only chance Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche has to keep active control of his company amid a growing diesel crisis.

Berlin’s zombie airport

A Textbook Example of the Sunk-Cost Fallacy

Germany's capital has lost billions and decades in a disastrous quest to build a big and modern airport. The only sensible thing to do is to start from scratch, and let private investors do it.