Daily briefing

The Dieselgate files: Who said what, and when Winterkorn knew

The steady drip, drip of Dieselgate revelations goes on. We're bats for batteries, meanwhile, and a little bit cakeist on Europe. Our Daily Briefing for September 20, 2018.

causa maassen

Merkel-Seehofer standoff shows a balance of weakness, not power

The fundamental dispute tearing apart the coalition is refugee policy, and that will continue to be the case even if the players change, writes a Handelsblatt political correspondent.

Daily briefing

Amid tensions between eastern and western Europe, Berlin’s bridge over troubled water

Berlin kicks the spy chief upstairs while Brussels doubles down on dodgy Dieselgate dealings. Our Daily Briefing for September 19, 2018.

Daily Briefing

Job search at Audi…

... and BMW ain’t helping. Also: Will Merkel fire Maassen? And what she got up to in Algeria. And why Germans like the shiny new euro bills more than most others do. Our Daily Briefing for September 18, 2018.

china strategy

Beijing's Hegemony

The West lacks a strategy to compete with China

Europe must learn from China, which pushes its political ideology on the back of economic success, argues Sigmar Gabriel.

Daily Briefing

Merkel’s coalition on the brink again

Kipchoge loves Berlin; the Pussy Riot poisoning; CDU, CSU and SPD at it again. Our Daily Briefing for September 17, 2018.

Business Leadership

The German soccer coach vs the American football coach

Germans and Americans have very different expectations about leadership. That often leads to problems when they work together in business, explains an American consultant living in Germany, in the fifth part of a series.

Das Monopoly Game

Karstadt-Kaufhof is a big, fat real estate deal

Whether the merger of department stores Karstadt and Galeria Kaufhof succeeds or not, property tycoon René Benko has already hit the jackpot by yet again acquiring prime German real estate.


To bomb or not to bomb Assad

As the Butcher of Syria prepares to overwhelm Idlib, Germany faces a dilemma: Should it join its allies in punishing Assad if he again uses chemical weapons? The arguments are complicated, the answer is not.

Burning issue

Germany doesn’t need Trump’s gas

The US government is trying to push Germany into buying US liquefied natural gas rather than keeping its Russian pipelines open. But there’s little logic in Germany doing so.

Daily briefing

As fur flies in the Bundestag, is Merkel’s end nigh?

Pressure on Merkel after yesterday's parliamentary debate, while water cannons are rolling into Hambach's 12,000-year-old forest to displace environmentalists in Germany's unusual version of green. Our Daily Briefing for September 13, 2019.

Ready for Business

Jumpstarting LNG in Europe

Europe should share in America’s abundance and become more energy secure, write two US officials, Ambassador Richard Grenell and Energy Department Deputy Secretary Dan Brouillette.

daily briefing

Standoff over Hungary as Europe prepares to put its money where its mouth is

Watching what happens to Hungary, if the internet will change for ever, and keeping an eye on the circus that is Vostok-18. Here's our Daily Briefing for September 12, 2018.

Trade at risk

Why German industry must stop a hard Brexit

German companies must prevent a hard Brexit. It's in their own interest: The impact on the German economy would be greater than from a trade war with the US.


Imbalance in NATO spending between US and Europe is no accident

A German security expert analyzes America’s stated and true objectives and finds that US strategic dominance and unequal burden-sharing are two sides of the same coin.

Gender imbalance

Why migration fuels sexual as well as economic fears

Populist, anti-immigrant sentiment isn't just driven by competition for work. It's also rooted in evolutionary psychology and the stress of competing for sex, writes a European policy expert.


To the Brits who can be arsed

Brexit is a disaster that always was, and remains, utterly unnecessary. It’s not too late to call it off.

Being civil

Six solutions to the German housing crisis, according to Berlin’s mayor

Michael Müller just caused a stir suggesting a lockout on foreign investment to protect Berlin's market. Here are six more ideas on what needs to be done.