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Porsche to VW Group: No diesel engines for now, please

Porsche – Diesel
The Porsche crest isn't reflecting off any diesels at the moment. Source: DPA

Porsche, the iconic sports carmaker, is currently unable to offer any diesel models to customers because of the never-ending emissions cheating scandal at parent VW and group relative Audi. The company pulled its only remaining diesel model — a version of the Macan compact SUV — off the shelves early this year after Germany’s vehicles regulator, the KBA, suspected the model’s engines included emissions-cheating software, sparking an expensive recall of 50,000 vehicles.

Prior to halting sales of diesel Macans, the only other diesel model was a Panamera, which it pulled in mid-2017. Porsche’s diesel distaste appears linked to the ongoing scandal surrounding diesel engines from VW, its parent. Since Porsche doesn’t produce its own diesel motors, it relies on engines from Audi, also a unit of VW and which is currently under investigation.

Munich prosecutors recently searched the homes and offices of former Audi board member Ulrich Hackenberg and one-time development head Stefan Knirsch for indications they were involved in the installation of emissions-cheating software on Audi diesel engines. Three other raids had already taken place this year and last year.

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