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EU commissioner says diesel is archaic

main 119374055 source Hendrik Schmidt DPA – Car auto exhaust pipe emissions diesel VW
Diesel cars are running out of fuel. Source: Hendrik Schmidt / DPA

One of Europe’s commissioners in charge of car industry regulations had a sobering message for European automakers: Diesel is from a bygone era. In an interview with Handelsblatt, EU Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska said she would push carmakers to sell more emission-free vehicles.

“A few years ago I would never have said diesel is a technology of the past. Now, after these two educational years, I am ready to say it openly,” Ms. Bienkowska said. “Diesel is a thing of the past.”

Her message could have major repercussions for the industry. Diesel car sales make up almost 40 percent of total new car sales in Europe, but they have been in decline since last year in the wake of VW’s diesel emissions scandal. And potential or planned diesel car bans in European cities have especially hit the fuel’s reputation.

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