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As the voice of Europe's leading economy, Handelsblatt Global provides insight into best practices in leading German industries. The digital daily gives international readers direct, invaluable access to Germany and Europe in the language of the global business economy, with in-depth, exclusive coverage.

Media Partnerships

If Germany is integral to your business, then Handelsblatt Global is your essential communications tool. As the most trusted source of news and analysis on Germany's business climate, Handelsblatt helps to raise your company's profile by channeling exclusive news and interactive visuals to your target group.

Are you a communications manager?
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B2B Packages

Talk to our readership

Designed for a global readership, Handelsblatt Global has an array of successful tools and case studies showing how you can address and engage with hard-to-reach audiences.

Talk to your target group

Our targeted license and communication packages offer public and private channels to reach various target groups, from stakeholders and employees to journalists and analysts.

Handelsblatt Global helps brands engage with an international business audience. From full-screen advertisements to integrated campaigns, from advertorials to sponsored content, from high-gloss print magazine advertisements to daily and weekly newsletter ads, Handelsblatt Global puts you in touch with business and opinion leaders around the world.

Have advertorial content prominently placed in between top articles to get your message out to a wider audience.


Individually, and combined, these formats provide you with an opportunity to reach out to global decision-makers.



  • Full-screen advertisement
  • On section or article level


  • Full page
  • Spread
  • Twice a year


  • Morning Briefing
  • Weekly Review
  • Skyscraper
  • Breaking Ad

Handelsblatt Global provides your employees with the profound analysis and data on German and European business that they need to stay ahead.

We offer special license packages as a B2B solution. You can give digital access to Handelsblatt Global’s award-winning journalism to your international workforce and your potential non-German business partners by using IP-based or email-based distribution. Contact us for more information.

How can I use Handelsblatt Global licenses for my business?


Case #1
Turn your employees into experts on Germany

A non-European business person may find it difficult to interact with European business partners during B2B events. With Handelsblatt Global, you never run out of topics to discuss. If Germany is an important market for your company, why not turn your managers into experts on its economy? Reading Handelsblatt Global is the best training they can get.

Case #2
Customer relationship management

Think your top clients deserve something special? Give Handelsblatt Global Edition as a gift.

Case #3
Customer relationship management

Create a bridge between your media coverage in Germany and your foreign clients by giving them access to Germany’s number 1 name in business news.


The new media partnership: Combine Handelsblatt Global with your own company’s news and views. By providing your target group with licenses, you determine the audience of your Company Page. Engage this audience with:

  • social media platforms and RSS feeds
  • press releases
  • product news
  • executive speeches
  • corporate videos
  • stock price information
  • job offers
  • quarterly reports

How to use the Company Page for your communication needs

Internal Communication

  • Employer communication
  • Onboarding of international staff
  • Special topics, ex. M&A, IPO information

External Communication

  • Employer branding
  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer acquisition
  • Product launch
  • Investor relations, quarterly reports


External Communication

Recruitment of Top Talents
Member of the DAX 30: Critical reputation within the target group of top talents and high potentials – but has strong need for talent to face the revenue growth expectation of 25% by 2020.

Roadshow of top managers at elite universites: 1,000 flyers with license codes for Handelsblatt Global Edition as an exclusive gift for the students of these universities. Company Page with selected content for the international students with link to the company’s job portal.

More applications from better qualified, informed applicants.
More traffic on the company’s job portal.
Branding control in recruitment environment

Internal Communication

Onboarding of non-German employees against the backdrop of a new plant opening in the U.S.
German “Mittelstand” in the sector of manufacturing engineering: The entrance strategy for the U.S. market includes opening a production site.

Handelsblatt Global Edition was handed out to the new American top management. The Company Page was designed in order to create a better understanding of the German headquarters and to enhance the cooperation with German colleagues.

Rapid onboarding. Succesful employer branding and enhancement of trust in the German employer.

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