Gold bricks

German real estate

Long tipped as a rising star of European real estate, Germany has finally come into its own. Our series on residential property highlights some favorite cities for expats and investors alike.


Beautiful Berlin

Room wanted

As property booms, Berlin is a victim of its own success

Tens of thousands of people move to the German capital every year, stretching a once-relaxed housing market to the breaking point.

Something for everyone

Hamburg fights housing crunch with cooperation

City planners and developers are teaming up to assure a steady flow of new residences in Germany's premier port – a sensible model worth adopting by others.

Unreal Estate

Wealthy Stuttgart is poor in living space

Passion for fruit trees and a sheer lack of available land are making a housing shortage worse in the booming Swabian heartland.


No end in sight for Munich’s real-estate rush

Bavaria’s capital is Germany’s most expensive city to buy or rent property. With demand steady and supply constricted, prices look set to keep pressing upward.

Neighborhood watch

Land rush turbo-boosts Rhineland real estate

Historic rivals, Düsseldorf and Cologne can agree on at least one issue: Their housing markets are bursting at the seams, leaving developers scrambling to find new land to build on.

Spinning outwards

Frankfurt tests the limits of trendy real estate

To relieve a housing crunch, Germany's banking capital attempts to recast its outskirts as the place to be. Despite fears, though, Brexit has yet to stoke extra demand.

leipzig urbanization, housing


Booming Leipzig struggles with its success

Overtaking Berlin in coolness, Leipzig is growing faster than any other German city. Now it's facing a housing shortage that's only going to get worse.