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German Political Parties

On September 24, Germans won’t choose their chancellor directly. Instead they will vote for political parties — and there are 34 of them. What are they fighting for, and how?

Here’s our call on the German election

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Why the Christian Democrats Neither Have Nor Need An Ideology

Few Germans could say what exactly Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union stands for. On September 24, they will give the CDU another victory all the same.

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Why the Social Democrats Have a Proud Past and Uncertain Future

One of the world’s oldest democratic parties, and once Germany’s only political force to resist Hitler, the SPD is nonetheless struggling to stay relevant.

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Why Germany Has 34 Political Parties

The kaleidoscope of Germany’s political scene – with dozens of factions in the running alongside the major parties – is democracy in action, even when it’s kooky.

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Why the Left Party is Stuck Between Senescence and the Hard Right

The Left was once the country’s go-to opposition and refuge for disenchanted East Germans. But recently a right-wing populist party has seized that role – and The Left's base.

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Why the Free Democrats Could Be Kingmakers Again

Christian Lindner, leader of Germany’s FDP, is hell-bent on bringing the pro-business liberal party out of Hades and back to Berlin.

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Why Germany’s Greens Need to Turn a New Leaf

Liberal on ecological and social issues but out of step with voters' security fears, the sunflower party has arrived in the political middle and is wondering where to go from there.

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Why the Alternative for Germany is No Alternative

For the first time since the Second World War, a far-right party appears likely to enter the German parliament. But German democracy is mature enough to absorb it.

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Why Bavaria’s CSU Is Angela Merkel’s Closest Ally – and Most Dangerous Foe

The Christian Social Union is a party that rules Bavaria and exists only there; but because of an alliance with the chancellor's Christian Democrats it also wields much power in national politics, and could determine the next coalition.