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Taulia. The future of billing? Source: Brian MacStay
The future of billing?
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Taulia has attracted scores of large U.S. firms keen to save money on supplier contracts.

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    • The financial start-up was founded by four Germans in 2009 in San Francisco.
    • It has plans to expand further into Europe and Asia.
    • Taulia’s CEO hopes for an initial public offering in 2017 or 2018.
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The numbers are so big that they could be from a well-established financial services provider. This year alone, companies will pay bills worth $150 billion (€120 billion) through the platform to about 300,000 suppliers.

But they characterize the success of the tech start-up Taulia, which was founded by four Germans just five years ago in San Francisco. CEO and co-founder Bertram Meyer told Handelsblatt in an interview: “And we already know that next year will double to $300 billion.”

What separates Taulia from the multitude of electronic billing platforms out there is that it allows suppliers to get their money considerably sooner, directly from the ordering customers. In return, the customers receive a variable discount depending on how fast they pay.

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