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Germany's Number One Rainmakers

Practicing the art of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    M&A activity worldwide could be worth over $4 trillion this year.

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    • Berthold Fürst of Deutsche Bank and Rainer Langel of Macquarie Bank are Germany’s top two rainmakers: the bankers who have generated the most M&A activity.
    • Worldwide,  Goldman Sachs leads the M&A market with a 13 percent share. It is followed by JP Morgan at 9 percent.
    • Over the last three years, Mr. Fürst has handled deals worth roughly €30 billion, or $32.6 billion.
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When it comes to Deutsche Bank, everyone knows top leaders like Paul Achleitner and Jürgen Fitschen from the TV news or in glossy magazines.

But who is Berthold Fürst?

He’s Deutsche Bank’s main “rainmaker,” the man who has generated big money in Germany’s feverish mergers and acquisitions market. Over the last three years, Mr. Fürst has handled deals worth roughly €30 billion, or $32.6 billion for the bank. This puts him at the top of the M&A field, along with Rainer Langel, who manages the German division of the Australian bank Macquarie.

Statistics from Mergermarket, the financial news and analysis group, show that these two men are the two main deal makers in Germany. They have both engineered the most transactions – one in terms of volume and the other in frequency.

These financial specialists from Frankfurt are profiting from companies’ new tendency to pursue size as a competitive advantage. Corporations are sitting on enormous liquid assets and leveraged loans are as cheap as ever, thanks to the European Central Bank’s zero-interest policy.  There are few other investment alternatives, and all the while activist shareholders are calling for strategic deals.

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