Hella Auto Parts

Lighting Up in Self-Driving Cars

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Bright future: Testing headlights in Hella's laboratory. Source: Hella

It is pitch dark, the wind is howling and snowflakes are hurtling through the air: Every driver’s nightmare. The cyclist ahead on this country road is hardly visible to the naked eye. But the car’s headlights sense the cyclist’s motion, and thankfully, the driver assistance system kicks in and safely guides the vehicle around the cyclist.

Actually, this is a scene from a simulation. But it shows just how seriously automotive parts supplier, Hella, is taking the idea of fully autonomous driving. After all, trends like autonomous driving and digitalization are changing the auto industry around the world – and they are also creating uncertainties and opportunties for those firms supplying auto parts.

Hella is very well positioned “to benefit from the major trends in the automobile industry,” the company’s chief executive officer, Rolf Breidenbach, recently said at an investors’ event. This has generated some new optimism with regard to Hella’s stock. The share price rose considerably in the second quarter of this year, though, more recently, it has pulled back somewhat.


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