Income Disparity

Highest Salaries in Germany's Auto Towns

The city of Wolfsburg owes much of its wealth to the Volkswagen car plant. Source: Julian Stratenschulte, DPA

While U.S. car-making capital Detroit has long ceased to be a byword for prosperity, the opposite is still true in Germany.

According to data released by Germany’s ministry for social affairs, the country’s best-paid employees live in two cities closely linked to the auto industry: Wolfsburg and Ingolstadt. The first is the headquarters of Volkswagen; the second is home to VW’s luxury subsidiary Audi.

Half the employed residents of Wolfsburg earn a gross monthly salary of or above €4,610, or $4,900. In Ingolstadt, a city in the southern state of Bavaria, the monthly median salary is €4,545, or 50 percent more than the country’s median income of €3,000.

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