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German Banking in Crisis

Source: DPA
Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank are putting themselves on a weight to slim down.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Most of Germany’s banks have struggled to be profitable compared to their international peers. Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank have different ideas for how to turn the tide.

  • Facts


    • Commerzbank plans to cut 260 senior managers to streamline its retail banking business and retool for the digital age.
    • Deutsche Bank is considering taking its Postbank retail unit public, refocusing on private clients and investment banking.
    • Savings and loans banks have 50 million customers in Germany, more than any other banking group.
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Germany’s two largest banks, both struggling to stay profitable in an uncertain time for banks across the globe, are embarking on radical restructurings, potentially involving the sale of assets and job reductions designed to restore profit.

But the similarities between Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank end there.

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