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Germany's Bullish Mood

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Germany’s economy, Europe’s largest, arguably powers the rest of the Continent. Its stock market has a pretty big global impact too.

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    • The blue-chip DAX ended the year at a high of 11,481. Handelsblatt’s survey found analysts on average expect it to increase only slightly to 11,724 over the course of 2017.
    • A majority of Germans – 60 percent – expect the country’s economic situation to improve or stay the same in 2017 – a higher proportion than France, Britain or the United States – according to a separate YouGov survey for Handelsblatt.
    • Germans are also happier than most western nations about their own government’s management of the economy, with 44 percent agreeing the government is doing a good job.
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The bull outside Frankfurt's stock exchange has the upper hand - for now. Source: Getty Images

It’s been a year of political upheavals, terror threats and civil wars, but that hasn’t slowed the economic optimism of the Germans.

Consumers in Europe’s largest economy are entering the New Year in a more bullish mood than most of their peers, according to an exclusive survey by the online polling firm YouGov for Handelsblatt Global.

Some 60 percent of Germans expect the country’s economic situation to improve or stay the same this year. That’s more hopeful than any other of the seven countries surveyed, including the United States, France and Britain.

If only investors shared that optimism. A separate Handelsblatt survey of bank analysts found that forecasts for the path of Germany’s blue-chip DAX stock index are decidedly mixed.

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