Frankfurt's Fintech Angels

Move over Berlin - Frankfurt is Germany's fintech capital.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Fintechs in Frankfurt concentrate on company-to-bank businesses rather than the usual startup route of business-to-consumer.

  • Facts


    • Moritz von der Linden, Carlo Kölzer and Philip Holzer set up the currency trading platform 360T.
    • Last year, Deutsche Börse paid €725 million ($810 million) for 360T.
    • Their latest product is CRX, a highly successful trading platform for the short-term financing of companies.
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When it comes to German startups, its normally Berlin that gets all the sexy headlines.

The city is home, for example, to Rocket Internet, the incubator founded by the Samwer brothers. It has made plenty of noise in the German media with successful investments in firms such as the fashion portal Zalando or food ordering services Lieferheld and Hello Fresh.

Fashion and cooking always offer a bit of glitz and go down well with the general public.

The Frankfurt startup scene, on the other hand, is less glitzy and relatively quiet — but perhaps all the more successful.

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