Wolfgang Schäuble

Faithful to His Beliefs

104644413 Schaeuble HB Dinner Nils Broer
Whether or not he remains finance minister after the election, Wolfgang Schäuble stays true to his principles. Source: Nils Bröer for Handelsblatt

Call it a swan song with an asterisk.

Germany’s crusty finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, commented crisply on a range of issues during an interview Tuesday at an annual Handelsblatt Banking Conference in Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt. But the Christian Democrat, who turns 75 this month, has not confirmed whether he will continue to serve in his cabinet post even if Chancellor Angela Merkel, as expected, is victorious in national elections September 24.

Whether Mr. Schäuble is still finance minister or not, it’s hard to see a government under Ms. Merkel veering too far from the positions he has staked out over nearly a decade in charge of Germany’s budget. That includes on issues like Europe-wide deposit insurance, where he rejects proposals by the European Commission to mutualize it.

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