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Deutsche Bank’s Blusterer

Deutsche Bank trial lawyer Hanns Feigen middle co-CEO Juergen Fitschen right Source action press
Jürgen Fitschen, the Deutsche Bank co-chief executive, right, is relying on his lawyer, Hanns Feigen, middle.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Attorney Hanns Feigen could determine the fate of Deutsche Bank co-chief executive Jürgen Fitschen and help save the CEO’s – and the bank’s – reputation.

  • Facts


    • Hanns Feigen will defend Mr. Fitschen in court, where the Deutsche Bank co-CEO and others stand accused of conspiracy.
    • The lawyer has represented many German executives, including Uli Hoeness, former president of the Bayern Munich.
    • Fifteen days of hearings are scheduled between now and September in the trial of Deutsche Bank officials.
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Lawyer Hanns Feigen, who is almost as prominent as some of his legal clients, was in the last row of courtroom B 273 at the Munich regional court during the five-hour reading of the criminal indictment last week.

Jürgen Fitschen and four other former Deutsche Bank executives are accused of conspiring to give false testimony in a years-long civil lawsuit over the demise of client Leo Kirch’s media company and its subsidiaries.

When Mr. Feigen finally had his say, he rejected the prosecutor’s charges as an “annoyance.” He also described the opposition’s discussions of detailed issues as “trivial and completely irrelevant.”

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