Deutsche Bank Gets its Man

Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank's new finance chief will relocate to its Frankfurt headquarters. Source: dpa

The job criteria for Deutsche Bank’s new finance chief were rather extensive. The successful applicant had to know as much about figures and strategic financial planning as about the bank’s core business, investment banking. He or she was expected to speak German, but be equally at home in the Anglo-Saxon world.

Fortunately, the bank actually found such a multi-talent at its US rival Citigroup: James von Moltke. He will succeed Marcus Schenck, who is to manage the institute’s new corporate and investment bank.

The 48-year-old German-Australian aristocrat has a famous name in Germany, where his grandfather, Helmuth James Count von Moltke, was a resistance fighter against Hitler’s Nazi regime. Mr. von Moltke, who will take up his new position in July, was the number two in the finance department of Citigroup, where he was appointed treasurer in 2015.

The former investment banker also brings the skills to the table that Deutsche Bank needs most of all: comprehensive experience of restructuring.

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