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Deutsche Bank is expanding trade financing in emerging markets in Africa, Latin America and Asia, adding 20 to 30 employees in these regions. (Reuters)

Euro zone GDP rose 0.6 percent in the second quarter of 2017, the same increase as in the US.

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said the European Central Bank’s bond-buying program was in line with its mandate. He disagrees with Germany’s constitutional court, which doubts the program’s legality and referred the case to the European Court of Justice.

Deutsche Bank appointed Thomas Patrick, its global stock trading head, as its new chief of US operations, replacing Bill Woodley.

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble reiterated his criticism of the European Central Bank’s low interest rate policy and said he hoped it would change in the near future.

Germany’s economy grew 0.6 percent in the second quarter compared with the preceding period buoyed by higher consumer and state spending as well as increased corporate investments.

Germany’s Constitutional Court referred the case over the ECB’s bond-purchase program to the European Union’s Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling.


Karlsruhe Punts to Europe

Germany’s top court thinks the European Central Bank is acting illegally. So why hasn’t it done anything about it?

Corporate Governance

Splitting Up, Spinning Off and Cashing In

Research suggests companies that prune their corporate structure for greater focus and clarity tend to get higher returns.

strong euro


Let’s Hear it for the Euro

Our currency is stronger than it’s been in a long time. That’s good for Europe, and it’s finally putting pressure on southern European countries to implement reforms.

Slander Campaign

How to Bring Down a Financial Empire

An insurance salesman claims he triggered the demise of one of Germany’s biggest financial brokers and its CEO – the German version of US investor Mark Cuban – by defamation.

Online Banking

Fintech Marriage Made in Germany

A rare merger of two financial technology, a.k.a. fintech, firms could shake up the market for online banking in Europe.

stock-market operator

Deutsche Börse CEO Looks to Cut Deal

Carsten Kengeter, Deutsche Börse’s CEO, may pay a fine to settle an insider trading controversy. But he may not be able to continue as before.

Kaufhof kaput?

Trouble in the Department Store

HBC, the Canadian owner of Kaufhof, Germany’s largest department-store chain, is struggling to keep the business relevant.  


Risk Comes Home to Roost

In the small southwestern city of Pforzheim, former council leaders are on trial over derivative deals that produced losses of €57 million in the financial crisis.


Digital Disinterest

While online shopping is popular in Germany, its citizens are sluggish to tap the internet for financial apps or investment advice.

Troubled Bank

Cerberus May Be Just What Commerzbank Needs

US hedge fund Cerberus’ newly-acquired 5-percent stake in Germany’s second-largest bank could be a saving grace for the struggling lender.

Private equity

Hunting the Mittelstand

Armed with cash, US and UK private-equity firms are training their sights on Germany's profitable small and medium-sized companies. But the hunters risk shooting themselves in the foot.


Munich Re Has its Head in the Cloud

Despite a profit decline, the world’s largest reinsurer is bullish on new opportunities, including a digital portal.


All Quiet on Myanmar Exchange

Myanmar took a baby step towards capitalism last year by launching a stock exchange. It draws precious few investors, but a German manager hopes to revive its fortunes.

SDAX Index

Budding Superstars

Thanks to their superior earnings growth, small-cap German firms have boosted the SDAX even as the blue-chip DAX struggles.

M&A climate

Regulators ‘Deterring Mega-Mergers’

Big firms are becoming more hesitant to pursue mergers and acquisitions because of increasing interference from regulators, a JP Morgan expert told Handelsblatt.


CEO Skating on Thin Ice

With his reputation in tatters over an insider-trading investigation, Carsten Kengeter now faces calls from politicians to step down as the head of the Frankfurt stock exchange.

Deutsche Bank

The Case of the Secretive Shareholders

The influence of the biggest shareholders, HNA and Qatar, becomes an urgent question amid uncertainty about strategy and management at Germany’s biggest bank.

Laissez Faire Economics

Of Markets and Men

Untamed markets were once a noble path to riches, but boundless capitalism has cost the US and Europe dearly. A reflection on the financial crisis a decade later.

Handelsblatt Interview

Mittelstand’s Next Suitor

Germany’s small and medium-sized businesses are sought after by everyone from Warren Buffett to China’s Fosun. Singapore’s state fund Temasek could be the next to jump in.

german economy booming

Quarterly Results

Feel Good Inc.

Germany’s economy is finally bouncing back after years of torpor, with the 30 largest corporations making record earnings and consumer demand rising.

fashion retailer

Zalando’s Battle Against Amazon

Zalando's stock plummeted in July due to competition from Amazon, but analysts are optimistic about the German online retailer.