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Watching Resistance to Cannabis Go Up in Smoke

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Two U.S. states have completely legalized marijuana.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Cannabis can be addictive and induce psychosis. But in certain cases, the medical benefits far outweigh the side effects.

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    • Currently fewer than 300 people have access to medical marijuana in Germany.
    • Three chronically ill people sued to have the right to grow their own pot.
    • German pharmacies have to import medical marijuana from the Netherlands.
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Germany has taken yet another step toward embracing the use of marijuana – the focus of much debate in the country these days – by allowing three seriously ill people previously allowed to purchase cannabis for medical purposes to grow their own. And the Berlin city government is even considering giving the green light for the country’s first pot shop for general consumption.

Last week, an administrative court in Cologne ruled that three Germans suffering from multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and attention-deficit disorder could grow their own cannabis. The court said the three plaintiffs could grow marijuana provided they allowed no other people access to it and had no other affordable alternative to raising their own crops. The amount they were purchasing was costing them several hundred euros a month, which was not covered by German health insurance.

The Cologne court decision follows several rulings that are slowly liberalizing the use of medical marijuana in Germany. In 2000, the country’s Federal Administrative Court ruled that seriously ill people in the country should be able to apply for special permission to use the drug.

In 2007, the first multiple sclerosis patient received cannabis therapy. Meanwhile, some 300 people in the country have permission to purchase medical marijuana at designated pharmacies to ease their afflictions. Another 3,500 patients are able to receive a chemically synthesized cannabinoid on prescription. An increasing number of them want the right to grow their own marijuana.

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