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Then and Now

East side gallery dpa
The Berlin Wall back in 1990 and now, the East Side gallery, where artists' colorful pictures attract tourists.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Many locations in Berlin have changed dramatically in the last 25 years as photographs from the time show.

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    • The Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago on November 9, 1989, and celebrations will mark the event this weekend in Germany.
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When Siegrid Blau, a woman from West Germany, recalls traveling to East Berlin as a young woman, she remembered the scary feeling at the border. She remembered the smell of coal. And the colors.

“Everything was so grey,” she said. “It was like going from a world of color to a world of black and white.”

Despite the difference in photography, the contrast between the world then and now is dramatic.


Wall Checkpoint charlie dpa
Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, in 1961 and 2014. Source: DPA


Checkpoint Charlie is in the heart of Berlin and is the most famous border crossing point between the former East and West of the city. In 1961, tanks from Russia and the United States were stationed there after members of the U.S. mission were asked to show identity cards at the crossing. Now, a museum is located at Checkopoint Charlie and the border crossing has become a tourist hotspot.


Wall Brandenburg gate dpa
The Brandenburg Gate in the center of Berlin in 1961 and in 2014. Source: DPA


The Brandenburg Gate, one of the most famous monuments in Berlin, was located close to the border on the Eastern side and was isolated and inaccessible during the period when the city was divided. Since the fall of the wall, the gate has become a symbol of German unity and of peace in Europe.


Wall Checkpoint charlie 2 dpa
Checkpoint Charlie, from the western Kreuzberg district looking north to Berlin-Mitte. Source: DPA


Checkpoint Charlie border crossing in 1984. The banner reads “Rescue the Sacharows” on the western side of the border, referring to a banned Soviet regime critic. Twenty years later, a little control box has been recreated and actors dressed in American, British, French and Soviet military uniforms pose for photos with tourists.


Wall Brandenburg gate 2 dpa
The former path of the Berlin Wall near the Brandenburg Gate. Source: DPA


A demolished car at the Berlin Wall from 1987 and the same place in 2014.

Invalidenstrasse dpa
Invalidenstrasse in north-central Berlin. Source: DPA


Border police guarding a border crossing on Invalidenstrasse in north-central Berlin in 1971, and traffic 25 years later in front of the ministry for economics and technology. Back in 1989 this area was divided with barbed wire, blockades and a death strip.


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