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The Kiel Canal: Not exactly the Venice of the north.


  1. What are Germany’s three largest cities by population?
  2. Which two seas does the Kiel Canal connect?
  3. Which major European river rises in Germany’s Black Forest region?
  4. Following an outbreak in 1967, which small German university city leant its name to a deadly virus?
  5. Germany is made up of 16 states. Name those that are home to its most northerly, southerly, westerly and easterly points.


Germany’s World Cup winners celebrate in Rio. Source: DPA


News 2014 

  1. The crisis in Ukraine dominated foreign news headlines in Germany this year. What personal attribute helped to make German Chancellor Angela Merkel Europe’s key negotiator with Russia?
  2. Germany’s soccer team won the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil in July. Who were their opponents in the final, and what was the score?
  3. In May, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development named Germany as the world’s second most popular destination for permanent migration, with 400,000 new arrivals in 2012. Which country was number one, and which three E.U. countries has Germany overtaken since 2009?
  4. The state parliament of Thuringia elected a new premier in December. What was unusual about the winner?
  5. According to the Society for Consumer Research, which global table did Germany top in 2014: Highest beer consumption, best reputation, most punctual trains or longest sausage?


Katarina Witt: East Germany’s ice queen. Source: Picture Alliance



  1. Which famous German composer is probably best known for his Symphony No. 9?
  2. Angela Merkel was born in 1954, five years after Germany divided into East and West Germany. In which of the two was she born?
  3. The engineer Ferdinand Porsche founded his Porsche car company in 1931. But what two other famous German car brands did he also work on during his career?
  4. East-German born Katarina Witt, perhaps the most successful figure skater of all time, appeared in which sports-themed Hollywood movie in 1996?
  5. Which 18th-century German philosopher, the author of “The Critique of Pure Reason,” is less well known for discovering that the Solar System is formed from a large cloud of gas, or nebula?


Finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble thinks he’s balanced the books. Source: Reuters


Business and Finance

  1. What is the name of Germany’s leading blue-chip stock market index?
  2. Frankfurt is regarded as Germany’s financial capital, but which major European financial institution is based in the city?
  3. From 2016, 30 percent of boardroom positions at large listed German companies will have to be reserved for whom?
  4. Fifty German companies made it into the 2013 Forbes Global 2000 ranking of the world’s largest listed companies. Name three of the top five.
  5. For the first time since 1969, Germany expects to balance its budget in 2015. What, to the nearest 100 billion US dollars, will total federal spending be?


Thüringer Rostbratwurst
No caption required. Source: DPA


History and Culture

  1. Germany’s black, red and gold flag takes its colors from which now defunct empire?
  2. The border between East and West Berlin was sealed in 1961, prompting roughly 100,000 people to attempt escapes before the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. To the nearest 5,000, how many are thought to have been successful?
  3. Weimar, a small city in eastern Germany, is widely regarded as Germany’s cultural capital. But what major political event is the city’s name more closely associated with?
  4. The Brothers Grimm are famous for their volumes of fairytale stories. But what was their arguably more important written contribution to German literature?
  5. Match the following German cultural icons with their original home:

Gutenberg Bible                                                  Munich

Lederhosen                                                           Friedrichshafen

Sanssouci Palace                                                 Nuremberg

Meissen porcelain                                              Rhine Valley

Octoberfest                                                           Mainz

Volkswagen Beetle                                            Saxony

Riesling wine                                                       Westphalia

Bratwurst                                                              Potsdam

Zeppelin                                                                Wolfsburg

Pumpernickel                                                      Bavaria



Marburg - Landgrafenschloss
Marburg: Beautiful city, horrible disease. Source: Picture Alliance



  1. Berlin, Hamburg, Munich
  2. Baltic Sea and North Sea
  3. Danube
  4. Marburg
  5. N: Schleswig-Holstein; S: Bavaria; W: North-Rhine Westphalia; E: Saxony


Giving it to him in the only language he understands. Source: Reuters


News 2014

  1. She speaks fluent Russian
  2. Argentina; 1-0
  3. United States; United Kingdom, Spain, France
  4. First ex-communist/premier from The Left party
  5. Best reputation


Beethoven - Statue
Beethoven: A monumental composer. Source: DPA



  1. Ludwig van Beethoven
  2. West (in Hamburg)
  3. Mercedes and Volkswagen
  4. Jerry Maguire
  5. Immanuel Kant


Frankfurt: Home to the DAX and the European Central Bank. Source: Action Press


Business and Finance

  1. DAX
  2. European Central Bank
  3. Women
  4. Volkswagen Group; Allianz; Daimler; Siemens; BMW Group
  5. $366 billion


Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam: Frederick the Great’s summer pad. Source: IMAGO


History and Culture

  1. Holy Roman Empire
  2. 5,000
  3. The foundation of the inter-war Weimar Republic
  4. They started the first authoritative German dictionary, the Deutsches Wörterbuch
  5. Gutenberg Bible – Mainz

Lederhosen – Bavaria

Sanssouci Palace – Potsdam

Meissen porcelain – Saxony

Octoberfest – Munich

Volkswagen Beetle – Wolfsburg

Riesling wine – Rhine Valley

Bratwurst – Nuremberg

Zeppelin – Friedrichshafen

Pumpernickel – Westphalia

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