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Singing for Millions While Earning Millions

Source: Reuters
She's a tough act to beat in Germany these days.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    With 9 million sold albums, huge promotion contracts and sold out concerts, Helene Fischer currently is Germany’s most successful singer.

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    • Helene Fischer has sold more than 9 million albums.
    • Ms. Fischer managed to revive Germany’s traditional Schlager music,  or German folk ballads
    • She earns millions each year through TV commercials and ad promotions.
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When Helene Fischer performs, she becomes anything her fans want her to be: sentimental, aggressive and especially sexy. She connects with each one of them.

“When I heard Helene Fischer for the first time on TV, I could not stop looking at her,” said Thomas, a construction worker attending one of her concerts. “Her singing, her charisma and her versatility fascinate me.”

Russian-born Ms. Fischer, whose real name is Elena Petrovna Fischer, has almost single handedly revived  Schlager music – traditional German folk ballads that had fallen out of fashion.

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