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Shots Fly As 'Homeland' Films in Berlin

Claire danes on set
"Homeland" star Claire Danes on set.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    If Berlin is becoming increasingly popular as a film location, it will build its reputation as a creative capital and attract money to the city.

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    • The filming of series five of CIA thriller “Homeland” started in Berlin in June.
    • It costs $45 million to shoot 12 episodes of the series.
    • Berlin is the site of many films being shot this summer including Captain America 3, Alone in Berlin and a biopic of Nobel scientist Marie Curie.
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Shooting of the fifth season of CIA agent drama “Homeland” is underway in Berlin, surrounded by secrecy. The only hints about what viewers can look forward to are occasional statements by extras who tell of gunfire, car accidents and brief glimpses of the show’s stars.

“Homeland,” one of the most popular television series in the United States, is a fast-moving agent thriller, staring Claire Danes, that has won a Golden Globe and an Emmy.

The show originally told the story of a female CIA agent, Carrie Mathison, played by Ms. Danes, and the return of a U.S. solider after several years’ captivity by al-Qaida terrorists. Her suspicion grows that he may have been turned and present a danger to the country.

In subsequent seasons, the action moved from the U.S. to Iran and Afghanistan, and now is set to focus on Berlin.

There might be nowhere better than the birth place of the Cold War to shoot a suspenseful thriller that plays on terrorism, surveillance and paranoia.

The show’s fast-moving plot contrasts with Berlin’s luck at not having suffered a terrorist attack since 1986, when a nightclub often used by servicemen from the United States was bombed, killing three people.

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