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Salafist Recruiters Find Easy Prey in Impressionable Teens

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Salifist recruiters from a branch supporting terrorism are infiltrating schools and teenage centers in Germany.

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    • Germany has five million Muslims.
    • A jihadist branch supporting terrorism is increasingly recruiting teenagers.
    • Young people joining salafist movements come from all kinds of backgrounds.
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A series of counseling services and information centers have opened in Germany in response, to inform teenager about the dangers of the sect before recruiters can get to them.

The main challenge is that hormonal teenagers welcome radical groups to upset their parents.

“Young people are defending their new friends (and ideas) more than they actually care about Islam,” said Claudia Danschke, who is the director of the Hayat information center that is helping parents whose children have joined salafist movements. “We help families to meet those challenges and to remain open to their children,” she said.

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