Men Can't Have It All Either

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Juggling the demands of work and family is not easy for anyone.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The authors take aim at expectations that men and women can both work, raise their families and be happy doing so. The problem is: Today’s economy demands too much.

  • Facts


    • The authors are editors at Die Zeit, the German news weekly.
    • Their book “Everything Cannot Be Done” (“Geht Alles Gar Nicht”) sells for €16.95 in hardcover and  €14.99 as an E-book.
    • An earlier book, “The Everything Is Possible Lie,” by Susanne Garsoffsky and Britta Sembach,  examined how women juggle careers, relationships and families.
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“Everything Cannot Be Done,” the new book by Marc Brost and Heinrich Wefing, should not have been written – because there was no time for it in their busy lives dedicated to children, relationships and jobs.

The subtitle says it all: “Why Children, Love and Careers Cannot Be Arranged.”

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