Hamburg Going All Out for Gold

Hamburg has grand plans for its island Olympic venue.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Hamburg citizens will decide whether to support the city’s bid in a November 29 referendum.

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    • Candidates for the 2024 Summer Olympics include Hamburg, Rome, Paris, Budapest and Los Angeles.
    • The games are to be awarded in September 2017.
    • Hamburg initially estimated the cost for hosting the games to be €11.2 billion, or about $12 billion.
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The committee tasked with bringing the 2024 Summer Olympics to Hamburg has big plans for venues on the city’s Kleiner Grasbrook island quarter, on the Elbe River. But first citizens must vote on hosting the Games later this month.

Alfons Hörmann was vice president of the organizing committee that brought the Nordic Ski world championships to Oberstdorf in 2005. Since 2013, he has headed the German Olympic Sport Association, which is in charge of applying for the 2024 games. The 55-year-old spoke with Handelsblatt about Hamburg’s Olympics bid.


Handelsblatt: We are still feeling the effect of the Paris attacks last weekend. The terrorists wanted, among other things, to hit a soccer match between France and Germany. Does security for sporting events now need to be reconsidered?

Mr. Hörmann: It was an attack against free society. Security was, is and remains one of the most important issues at sporting events, which must be implemented in close coordination with the responsible authorities.

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