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Germany's Answer to Netflix

The battle stage is set.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The web-based service could put a new spin on the international distribution of films, and be a boon to filmmakers.

  • Facts


    • Pantaleon Entertainment has invested €3 million in its Pantaflix video-on-demand platform, which is set to launch in February.
    • Customers will pay for each film individually, and the price will be determined by the film’s producer.
    • German actor Matthias Schweighöfer has a 30-percent stake in Pantaleon.
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Berlin’s beloved Berlinale film festival may feel the pinch of start-up disruption this coming February, with the planned release of web-based film distribution platform Pantaflix. The Berlin-based video-on-demand service provider aims to fashion a new playground for the distribution of international films.

Pantaflix’s operator is the publicly listed entertainment company Pantaleon Entertainment. Its principal investors are filmmaker Dan Maag, who is also the company’s chief executive, entrepreneur Marco Beckmann and German actor Matthias Schweighöfer.

The similarity of Pantaflix’s name with U.S.-based Internet media streaming and DVD-by-mail service Netflix isn’t likely to be mere chance. Yet the Pantaflix platform is something different. It starts with exclusively offering films that were produced for the cinema. And Pantaflix isn’t a subscription service. Customers will pay for each film individually. The price will be determined by the film’s producer. Pantaleon’s Mr. Maag estimates that, on average, films on the German-language version of the platform will cost €3.99 ($4.26) each.

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