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It beats a flip chart.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Some people claim SAP’s soccer software was partly responsible for the German national team’s World Cup win in 2014.

  • Facts


    • The SAP software collects data on a player’s every move, which is then processed and analysed.
    • SAP is developing its Match Insights program in cooperation with the German Football Association.
    • SAP is tailoring a program for young players, that can track their progress from childhood onwards.
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“There they are!” exclaimed Fadi Naoum, pointing excitedly at a laptop as Germany’s World Cup winning soccer team appeared on the screen.

The Beirut-born vice president for sports and entertainment at SAP was presenting its new soccer program, Match Insights.

The software collects everything about the players: The precision of passes, the time between receiving and passing the ball, as well as pedantic details about running and acceleration. This data is then crunched in a massive computing center.

Soccer, or football, will never be the same again.

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