Elon Musk

All Charged Up in Berlin

By Lukas Bay and Thomas Tuma

During a visit to the German capital on Thursday, the Tesla e-car chief shared his thoughts on the VW scandal, stuffy CEOs, roadblocks to e-mobility – and the need to consign gasoline to history.


The biggest surprise was that Elon Musk showed up in a tie. That was something we hadn’t expected from a California-based entrepreneur of his caliber. Before the Handelsblatt interview, the Tesla CEO visionary of electromobility had just met with 30 government representatives at a parliamentary breakfast in Berlin to talk about the future of mobility and would meet with German Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel. He gave Handelsblatt his frank take on the old-school thinking within the German auto industry, what VW should do next and how the German autobahn forced Tesla to adapt their cars.


Handelsblatt: Mr. Musk, how many Teslas have you seen on the road during your visit to Germany this time?

Elon Musk: I admit, it wasn’t that many. But in Germany, we are also still a comparatively small player on the market.

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